[Hpn] Homelessness and jail workshop

William Tinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Wed, 9 Apr 2003 10:36:12 -0400


 Think Jail and Homelessness are Two Separate Issues?....

 Think Again....

 Join us on Wednesday, June 18th when....

 The John Howard Society of Toronto, with funding provided by the Government
of Canada's Supporting Communities Partnership Initative, administered by
the City of Toronto, is proud to present:

 "Going Straight Home...?"

 A multimedia public education presentation that informs audiences about:

 Working with Ex-Offenders, Housing and Other Barriers for Reintegration,
Alternatives to Incarceration, Superjails and Private Prisons in Ontario,
Homelessness and Housing in Toronto,
The Connections between Over Incarceration, Insufficent Discharge Planning
and Homelessness
And much, much more.....

 It has been clear for sometime now that many of our clients face
barriers in accessing and maintaining living accommodations due to the
systemic issues associated with the lack of affordable housing in the city
of Toronto, discrimination, low social service allowances, lack of fair rent
controls, and the fear/stigma concerning ex-offenders.

 In response we have developed a presentation which will address criminal
justice issues and their connection to homelessness in the city. Research on
public attitudes has found that most Canadians know relatively little about
the correctional system and that myths exist around perceptions of crime
rates, use of incarceration, alternatives to incarceration,  homelessness
and ex-offenders. One of the goals has to do with addressing the stigma
associated with ex-offenders, which often serves to create excessive
barriers for housing but does nothing to reduce the likelihood of

 During this interactive, multi media, audience members will have an
opportunity to ask questions of staff members and one service user who has
been in conflict with the law, and will receive a variety of handouts and
information packages on some of the issues addressed during the

 It is our hope that by fostering alliances and relationships with housing
providers, community stakeholders, and students, a path will be paved for
our clients in the future. By dispelling some of the myths associated with
this group, making ourselves more visible and available in the community,
especially within the housing sector, we will be able to create a more
accessible system for those in need.

 We would be pleased to provide workshops for groups at your location, or to
have individual participants attend general workshops at our agency, like
this one coming up on:

 Wednesday June 18th from 9:15am-12:30pm

 Please call Amber Kellen, at (416) 925-4386 ext. 224, for more information
or to register for the workshop.

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