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Morning, Boni, Ahnee and Greetings.

I'm mostly listening and weighing what you say, but
scroll down for the occasional comment.

--- Boni Champagne <boni@counsellor.com> wrote:
> Thank you so much Jack. This weekend, short of the
> rally I will need to step back Monday and Tuesday.
> The amount of conflicting stories and politicos
> jumping on the bandwagon all with their own agendas,
> is overwhelming. 

Time Magazine phoned here --(503) 281 1604 -- at 4 AM
yesterday for a comment, got Tim our outreach guy
who's pretty astute and informed, hope Tim gave good
sound bite. Tim's very aware of your situation there.

Let us know about the rally.

> The residents have been scattered
> far and wide so it will be difficult to ascertain
> what THEY want. Personally, I believe that the best
> solutions would be housing offerred to those who
> want it and some land and resources offerred to
> those who need more private living accomodations and
> are willing to rebuild.

Dignity addresses a number of needs same way like Ah
'magine TO TC does. 

Some people just need breathing space to get their
lives back together which means breaking the cycle of
dependency created by the service agencies and
recovering from all that, getting out of the
"missionary position" the missions put you in, laying
shoulder-to-shoulder on thin, skinny mattresses, tek
'way the roof and photograph from above would a favour
a slave ship blueprint diagram w/ slaves.

Many of us don't want to go back into all that system
again at all, want to build something new ourselves
that doesn't mirror or mimic the thing too much that
we're getting out of and that we see around us.  

> I am not in agreement right
> now with ANY of the organizations dealing with this
> as I think like you do--if people are that
> independent let's give them the opportunity to
> explore that independence and if they are not--let
> them have the housing they need. The kerfuffle here
> is beyond belief.

Our great advantage in Dignity is being our own legal
entity, we managed to get out from under our former
fiduciary agency (street roots) [We give thanks to
John Hubbird and the Washburns for all their help with
getting our own 501(C)3!] -- check Bryan Pollard's
comments about "bums and crackheads" in the Duke of
Dignity personality piece in last week's Willamette
Weak on our Web site http://dignityvillage.org because
Ibrahim had the audacity to reach out to the people on
the fucked up, druggy drag streets of Old Town where
we came from. Ib's Black and can't walk down Crack
Alley without being a crack dealer due to profiling
and stereotyping and Pollard hasn't been out here in a
year and runs on rumour.

Would a 'magine the kerfuffle is beyond belief with
the politicians justifying themselves and the service
agencies takin' 'bout the good work they do. Bet I can
guess whose voices get lost in the din and all the
> I am trying to locate the residents who want to
> still squat so they can form a committee to
> legitimize their demands. The powers-that-be have
> offerred a rent subsidy but for some of those who
> have been 'living out' for a long time they will not
> be able to cope anyway.
Boni, find your people and gather together once again.
Try to mek dem under- and overstand that three things
historically get tent cities shut down and they have
to be dealt with in order to survive:

1) Drugs and alcohol issues.

2) Trash and sanitation issues.

3) Believe it or not, unsightliness. Poverty's not
pretty but we have to make our encampments as
aesthetically appealing and attractive as we can.

> I don't know Jack. I am not wonder woman.

None of us are superhuman and that's where asking the
One who made us all for strength comes in. Know that
God dwells within the human heart.
>There was
> a great deal of dirty backroom dealing in this
> between the politicos and the social service
> agencies who miserably failed to hold up their end
> of the bargain. I'm not even sure at this point how
> culpable Home Depot was in this fiasco--after all it
> was not their responsibility at this point to allow
> squatters although they were patient for some
> considerable period of time. Meanwhile three levels
> of government and the agencies wrangled over us.

I imagine the mill needs its grist and fodder and the
levels of government and agencies missed the homeless
they manage and maintain for their pay who'd managed
to escape for a time and get free.
> I have to say Jack, although I felt guilty for
> leaving TC because I smelled dirty dealing coming
> down and I missed my partner, having him around is
> going to prove a major asset. He is far more
> politically savvy than I and he is ruthless on a
> cause in finding a way to make what needs to happen,
> happen. When I was on a board of directors that was
> infighting he was a brilliant tactician and helped
> me steer it back to where it needed to go. There are
> a few other individuals that are trusted by the
> residents on board with this.
> What I really want Jack, is for the TC residents to
> be able to have what THEY need before winter sets
> in. Sometimes, I think I'm the only one who wants
> that. I want to see them form their own committee (I
> don't wish to be more than an advisor at most) and
> take back control--the control they have never been
> allowed to have due to the interference of social
> agencies and government. Maybe I'ma dewy eyed
> dreamer but my neighbours were far from stupid and I
> believe in the power of people to find solutions for
> themselves.

Know the TO winters and how hard they must be outside.
The only way is for the power and our destiny to be in
our own hands. 
> Oh well--that's my morning babble *laff*

That's my morning rant.
> Hugs to All The Dignity Folk
> Boni
Much love to all the people there.
Jah protect we.
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> Subject: KBOO 90.7 FM and Radio Free Santa Cruz.
> > Ahnee/Greetings Boni.
> > 
> > I am sad for the destruction of your home.
> > 
> > I send your phone number to two radio stations, to
> > Orion Isis Gray who might want to record your
> words
> > about the destruction and desolation of Toronto TC
> for
> > KBOO 90.7 FM here in Portland, also to Robert
> Norse of
> > Free Radio Santa Cruz who would probably like to
> talk
> > to a warrior woman for his Bathrobespiere's
> Broadsides
> > Program.
> > 
> > Jah Jah guide and protect we.
> > Jack.

"No one should question the faith of others, for no human being can judge the ways of God."

                             H.I.M. Emperor Haile Selassie I

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