[Hpn] Homeless 'shantytown' cleared..Mayor Mel Lastman's address to write him a nice letter

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Any one wanting to write a nice warm letter to Mel Lastman Mayor of Toronto
Canada whom is responsible for this inhumanity to man here is his info!

Mayor Mel Lastman mayor_lastman@city.toronto.on.ca
Toronto City Hall
100 Queen Street W,
M5H 2N2
Phone 416-395-6464

A Brother In The Struggle
William Charles Tinker / founder
New Hampshire Homeless
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H. 03276 USA
Advocates,activists for displaced,disabled human rights.
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I'm Realy Beginning to Hate Humans....

Why Must we treat our Human companions this way... WHY????
How On Gods Green earth Are we as a Roll Model To our Children explain
this..... How can any one be so Damn Pathetic in the Heartless, Cruel... and
"No Guts" move... that was Performed on these People today... I for one Call
the Mayor and Those That Help the Less fotunates on thier way "Cowards Of
the worst Kind..." This is solely My opinion.... And At Least in America,
Opinions are still Free!!!!!

Freelance Writer\Human To All
F.F.Gross IV
Nashua, New Hampshire.
United States Of (God Bless)America...

Homeless 'shantytown' cleared
>From correspondents in Toronto

MORE than 100 homeless people have been forcibly removed from "Tent City",
considered Canada's largest homeless community.

"Everybody on the site was removed," said activist Cathy Crowe, of Toronto's
Disaster Relief Committee, after police moved in.
The incident at Tent City, labelled Toronto's first shantytown, underscores
a growing housing crisis facing Canada's major cities.

Crowe, who was among several dozen activists marching in protest towards the
mayor's office, said trucks laden with demolition equipment could be seen
rumbling towards the site at the southeast end of Toronto, Canada's largest

Three of the 110 residents of the homeless camp were detained by police for
refusing to leave when they were asked.

The condemned site, previously owned by the US-based Home Depot home
improvement chain, has been home to makeshift housing of tents and cardboard
boxes for about four years.

The company tried unsuccessfully to evict residents from Tent City last
year, but then abandoned the idea.

It said today's action was prompted by growing health and safety concerns.

Tent City was raised on land that was contaminated by toxins that seeped
into the ground when the site was used by a processing plant.

Crowe and other activists criticised the company for not giving Tent City's
residents any notice before sending in the trucks.

They want the mayor to intervene and give the homeless people time to
collect their belongings and find emergency housing.