[Hpn] Out of Retirement/Tony Hearn is still around

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Sun, 22 Sep 2002 18:42:38 -0400

Tony Hearn,
Is very much alive as you can see by this writing to the white house.
Hi, Bill,

Sorry! I've been in deepest retirement, But I've just sent the following
letter to the White House. You may and your many friends may be interested.
Please don't give out my email address as I am trying to stay calm and
detached from the nonsense that threatens us all. I hope you are well
personally. My health has been deteriorating. I'm now in a wheelchair and
trying to stay sane with the pain I've developed within my body. George W.
gives me incredible mental pain also.



- - - - - - - -

September 22, 2002

To The White House:

Dear Mr. Bush:

I have refrained lately from paying attention to you because, in my opinion,
you are way out of line with your war on terrorism.

But today I saw a photo of Condoleezza Rice, your national security adviser,
pointing her finger and saying: "We'll turn Iraq into a democracy!"

Sir, it is not the moral right (or the international right) for the United
States to turn any other nation on this globe into a democracy! Have you all
lost your minds?

Who has given you the authority to interfere with the sovereign rights of
another nation? Are you the world's shining white knight who will liberate
the billions on this earth so they will believe and act like you?

Sir, you would do well to focus on our nation's economic problems.

In case you (and Ms. Rice) didn't pay attention during high school social
studies, democracy can never be imposed. It can only develop from within.
Iraq must struggle from within to establish the government its citizens
want. If you will study up, your predecessors, especially President Ronald
Reagan, did not interfere with the internal affairs of the Soviet Union.
That "evil empire" fell of its own corruption. The United States, Mr. Bush,
does not practice aggression against other nations. We defend ourselves; we
do not pre-emp the evil leaders of other nations. Obviously, you didn't
study what happens to aggressors who delude themselves into believing they
are "liberators." Quite frankly, Mr. Schroeder's minister had it right.

Not all of the people in the United States are suckers, Mr. Bush. We are not
impressed with your "foreign" policy. Yes, you have a "foreign "policy, and
it is alien to our American tradition.

Stop trying to "colonize" the rest of the world.

Tony Hearn
The Hamilton Hotel
Laredo, Texas