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By LaShawn Dickey - Welfare Information Network ~ September 20, 2002

Youth Services Under the Workforce Investment Act, by Nanette Relave,
August 2002. Available at <http://www.welfareinfo.org/youthservicesRN.htm>

October 16 - 18 National Conference on Teen Pregnancy Prevention: The
National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy is partnering with Health
Care Education and Training, Inc. to present a national conference
focused on teen pregnancy prevention.  The conference, funded in part
by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, will take place in
Indianapolis, Indiana. For more information, visit
<http://www.hcet.org/events/pieces.htm>. The registration deadline is
September 24.


The Asset Index: Assessing the Progress of States in Promoting
Economic Security and Opportunity, from the Center on Hunger and
Poverty, September 2000. Available at

Child Support Trends, a Power Point presentation by Vicki Turetsky,
Center for Law and Social Policy, August 2002. Available at

Children and Welfare Reform: What Policy Theories are Being
implemented in States Where Most Poor Children Live? by Cathy Johnson,
Thomas Gais and Catherine Lawrence, Rockefeller Institute of
Government, August 2002. Available at

Community Services Block Grant reports: FY 2000 Community Services
Block Grant/Information System (CSBG/IS) Highlights, CSBG/IS Executive
Summary, and the FY 2000 Performance Measurement Reports from States
Administering the CSBG (also know as the FY 2000 Results Oriented
Management and Accountability (ROMA) Report), from the National
Association for State Community Services Programs. Available at

Making Child Care Choices: How Welfare and Work Policies Influence
Parents' Decisions, by Lisa A. Gennetian, Aletha C. Huston, Danielle
A. Crosby, Young Eun Chang, Edward D. Lowe, and Thomas S. Weisner,
Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation, August 2002. Available at

Mothers' Work: Single Mothers' Employment, Earnings, and Poverty In
the Age of Welfare Reform, by Mark Levitan and Robin Gluck, Community
Service Society of New York, 2002. Available at

A New Puzzle for Federalism: Different State Responses to Medicaid and
Food Stamps, by James W. Fossett and Thomas L. Gais, Rockefeller
Institute of Government, August 2002.
Available at http://makeashorterlink.com/?P332120E1

Promoting Positive Mental and Emotional Health in Teens: Some Lessons
from Research, by Jonathan F. Zaff, Ph.D., Julia Calkins, Lisa J.
Bridges, Ph.D., and Nancy Geyelin Margie, Child Trends, September
2002. Available at <http://www.childtrends.org/PDF/K5Brief.pdf>

Qualitative Research on Welfare Reform, Poverty Research News, from
the Joint Center for Poverty Research, July/August 2002.  Available at

Reauthorization Roundup, Vol. II, No. 19, from the American Public
Human Services Association, September 18, 2002.  Available at

The Scope and Scale of Faith-Based Social Services, by Jason D. Scott,
Rockefeller Institute of Government, September 2002. Available at

Title I Supplemental Educational Services and Afterschool Programs:
Opportunities and Challenges, by Margaret Flynn, The Finance Project,
September 2002.  Available at

Welfare Reform: An Unfinished Journey, ADVOCASEY, from the Annie E.
Casey Foundation, Summer 2002. Available at

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