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Fri, 27 Sep 2002 13:41:15 -0400

Tent City residents get offer from city
 The 125 or so residents of Tent City who were
forcibly evicted from their homeless
encampment on Tuesday morning have been
offered a housing re-location deal from the
City of Toronto. The deal came after
considerable political pressure from TDRC,
Tent City residents and many allies and
 When Home Depot moved against the homeless
people at Tent City on September 24, 2002, it
was clear that neither Home Depot nor the
City of Toronto had any plans to assist the
residents either on a short-term or long-term
basis. After a day of hard work, the city
agreed to provide temporary shelter in a
nearby community centre, but that arrangement
would only hold for a couple of days. We kept
up the pressure on the city.
 On Wednesday afternoon, TDRC met with city
officials to hear their plans for a long-term
solution. The city outlined plans to offer
the residents rent supplements from a
recently announced provincial program and to
provide them with practical help in finding
and maintaining their own apartment.
 On Thursday afternoon, the TDRC steering
committee met to review details of the city
plan. It only applies to Tent City residents
(the city calls it a "pilot project" in order
to prevent others from applying) and we have
some technical concerns about the plan. But,
on balance, we agreed that it was a good
offer and would likely meet the needs of many
or most of the Tent City residents.
 It will be up to individual residents to
decide whether they will accept the deal, but
the initial response has been very positive.
Many residents are pretty excited about the
possibility of moving into their own home
after the desperate conditions on the street.
 TDRC is continuing to monitor this deal. We
want to make sure that the city follows
through on its promises. And we want to make
sure that those Tent City residents who are
unable or unwilling to accept the deal are
able to receive appropriate shelter and
 And, of course, we are committed to a
comprehensive strategy that allows all
homeless people to move into their own homes.
 In the meantime, however, thanks (and
congratulations) to everyone who gave their
time and other resources. Without your
commitment, Tent City residents would have
been thrown off the site without a thought to
their future. We made important progress this
week by forcing the city to take up its
- Michael Shapcott,
on behalf of the Steering Committee,
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee
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