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          HOMELESS DAILY NEWS for September 25, 2002 
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There were 10 news articles added in this issue:
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1. HOMELESS DAILY NEWS for September 25, 2002 Issue 260

2. NYC, NY - Jailbreaking Homelessness? 
- Moving Ideas Network - September 23, 2002

3. Lansing, MI - A new way out: Coalition hopes to help teens
find support - Lansing State Journal - September 25, 2002

4. San Diego, CA - City Council approves winter homeless shelter 
- San Diego Union-Tribune - September 24, 2002

5. National - The Costs of Bursting Bubbles 
- New York Times - September 22, 2002

6. Collier County, FL - Pastor has new hope for Homeless 
Recovery Center - Naples Daily News - September 25, 2002

7. New Haven, CT - Homeless and advocates return to rally on Green 
- Yale Daily News - September 23, 2002

8. Santa Cruz County, CA - County awaits homeless-health grant 
- Santa Cruz Sentinel -  September 24, 2002

9. Murfreesboro, TN - Mother Accused of Abandoning Children to Party
- WKRN 2 TV News - September 24, 2002

10. Santa Cruz, CA - Instant street musicians 
- Santa Cruz Sentinel -  September 15, 2002

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