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Police Army Demolishes Tent City Toronto - Sept.24.2002
Report and Photos by Gary Morton for http://CitizensontheWeb.com

   The long hot summer at Tent City on Toronto's waterfront ended today
with a police raid. Home Depot, owner of the land, moved in aggressively
and by surprise. A hired security firm came with dogs, bulldozers, banks
of spotlights and an army of police (on cycles, horses, in cars and
paddy wagons) for backing.

   By sunset the residents and supporters were protesting outside. Cops
lined the fence, security people and a lot of cops roamed the property,
and a huge goon was setting all the surrounding fencing with barbed wire
toppings. Some evicted residents had puppies and dogs. Cats and kittens
remained locked in some of the small houses while a huge bulldozer
remains parked until tomorrow. A security chief told me that any
remaining animals would be turned over to the humane society if found.
Otherwise they will be bulldozed under with the tiny houses.

   Under a deal with the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee, residents
were allowed in to claim some belongings. Councillor Olivia Chow
announced arrangements to move the people to shelters and hotels for the
time being.

   Some of the squatters were weeping over the loss of their homes. And
it really looks bad on the city, province and the feds, that people find
tents on contaminated land preferable to the overcrowded city shelters.
The message really is that people squat because they want housing. None
is being created by the feds, rents are out of control and the province
hasn't come through with its promise to provide rent aid. All of it
meaning that the issue is really only beginning, and not ending through
this cruel eviction  they can't bulldoze all of us under yet  though
they would if they could.

Photos by Gary Morton
Before Raid:
 (Aug 2002 - Visitor Poses in Front of Tent City House

During Raid:
At the Gate
Bulldozer and Cops Wait to begin Demolition
Security Guard Inside Tent City
Police Line and Spectators
Police Horses
Pope Squat Banner
Cops Behind Fence
Homeless Man and Dog
Homelessness is a National Disgrace Banner
Homeless Dog
Big Security Guy Setting the Fence for Barbed Wire

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