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Morgan W. Brown norsehorse@hotmail.com
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There are probably far worse places to be homeless in, but Worcester
<http://www.ci.worcester.ma.us>, Massachusetts is surely not a good place 

Back in late 1983 thru early 1984, just prior to the birth of my son, I
lived homeless in Worcester while I tried to be near my girlfriend (&
now former wife). She was pregnant at the time & attending college
there. I relocated to Worcester to try to find work & a place to live
there, both for the short term for myself & for the long-term for all of us.

I stayed at the PIP shelter for a time during that period. The name of
it was the Public Inebriate Program. In fact on many of the Web site for 
Worcester, it is still known as the "PIP (Public Inebriate Program)

It was the only place of last resort for anyone without a place to stay, 
whether you were under the influence of alcohol or any other substance or 
not did not matter. In my case, I was there as one of the sober homeless.

When I was there, it was an extremely rough place to stay. The PIP then
was just for men as I remember it.

The others who stayed at the PIP, who were homeless, were not so bad as
I recall however; some of the staff were the ones you actually had to
watch out for though.

Often times, it was a blanket or pad on the floor somewhere. Or, if you
were lucky enough, you got a cot and one or two blankets. PIP did little 
else to help me, except for the place to sleep - for which I was and still 
am extremely greatful, I was on my own.

If you went to sleep with your footwear either on your feet or on the
floor under your cot, you were lucky if they were still there come

When I saw what happened to one poor soul and the enjoyment certain
staff took from it when the person has to walk in the cold & snowy
sidewalks & streets in his stocking feet, I knew to have my footwear
tucked under my armpits inside my coat & have my blankets wrapped around me 
with all my other belonging in there with me as well.

It seemed to me at the time, that it might not have been someone else
staying there who took them either.

It was clear that the staff did not like this person & this was their
revenge; if they did not take this person's footwear, they sure
delighted themselves enough that he was being made to suffer. It was
inhumane to say the least.

I really wanted to do something to help him or say something to the
staff, but did not know what to do as I was just barely able to survive
myself at the time. In addition, I was new there & tended to keep to
myself out of pure survival. It was very scary there & that is a
statement considering that I have been in far worse places & among worse 
types both before & after.

Finally my girlfriend & I were able to get a place to live together, she had 
our son in late March of '84, moved to another larger better, more 
affordable apartment, she gave birth to our daugther in late '85 and we 
lived there until we separated in late '86. No regrets in any fashion 

Anyway, the truth is the entire experience of being homeless that time
around took a lot out of me. It was one of my worst & trying times of my 
life so far to date; & I have had many trying times both before & after.

While I am pleased I survived, I would not wish the experience on anyone 
else no matter what. Another truth is, as many already are aware of, as hard 
as it may have been or sometimes still is on me & many others of us males 
who are homeless, it is far worse for anyone who is either female or young 
(mid-20's and under). Much worse.

The article [Woman found dead outside Worcester 
Bill Tinker forwarded to the HPN list about the death of Jennifer Doyon, is 
an example of this & it is definitely one sad, tragic &
too brief of a chapter lived in one second (or third) rate city which hits 
all too close to home for me anyway. I know some of those very streets which 
Jennifer lived & tried to survive on.

Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier, Vermont


Sunday, January 6, 2002
Worcester Telegram
Worcester Telegram & Gazette <http://www.telegram.com>
[Worcester, Massachusetts]
Page One
The new homeless:

Friday, December 14, 2001
Worcester Telegram & Gazette <http://www.telegram.com>
[Worcester Massachusetts]
Area has 3,000 homeless, 260 beds:


Friday, October 26, 2001
Worcester Telegram & Gazette <http://www.telegram.com>
[Worcester, Massachusetts]
Local News section
Don't warehouse homeless, experts warn:

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Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

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