[Hpn] Men Accused of Rape, Torture of Homeless Man

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Men Accused of Rape, Torture of Man
Sat Sep 7, 6:44 AM ET

BRUSH PRAIRIE, Wash. (AP) - A 47-year-old homeless man from Seattle was held
as a sex slave for eight days in a middle-class home equipped with a torture
chamber, authorities said.

Shackled hand and foot, the man escaped Thursday by climbing out a window
and running to neighbors for help, he told Clark County sheriff's officers.

Charged Friday with first-degree kidnapping, rape and assault were Michael
Aaron Wilson, 45, and William Joseph Fritsch, 22, both of Brush Prairie, a
small town northeast of Vancouver.

The alleged victim was treated at Southwest Washington Medical Center for
severe bruises, including some caused by handcuffs and shackles.

Sheriff's officers said the defendants' home included a large upstairs
chamber equipped with electronic hospital equipment, two operating tables,
video cameras, sexual devices, whips and restraints including dog collars.

"In 35 years in this business, this is the most bizarre scene I have ever
been at," Clark County Sheriff Garry Lucas told The Columbian.

Wilson and Fritsch were held on $250,000 bail each.

According to court papers, the two men confirmed the Seattle man's account
of events in the house, but contended it was consensual sexual role-playing.
Detectives said the defendants met the Seattle man in an Internet chat room,
sent him a bus ticket and picked him up in Portland on Aug. 28.

They then allegedly placed a hood over his face, gagged him and handcuffed
him, driving him back to Brush Prairie.

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