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          HOMELESS DAILY NEWS for Monday - September 9, 2002
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There were 14 news articles added in this issue:

1. Wake County, NC - Giving shelter: Area churches lend a hand
to the homeless - Raleigh News and Observer - September 6, 2002

2. Milwaukee County, WI - Foster care is supposed to rescue children
from abuse and neglect - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - September 7, 2002

3. Bridgeport, CT - SBC Grants Help Connecticut Programs Catch Up 
- The Connecticut Post - September 6, 2002

4. Milwaukee, WI - The Morning Mail - ST. JAMES CHURCH 
- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - September 5, 2002

5. Brunswick, GA - Federal Center in Georgia training thousands 
Homeland Security - Florida Times-Union - September 7, 2002

6. NYC, NY - Business Fills a New York Need: Toilets 
- The New York Times - September 7, 2002

7. Jacksonville Beach, FL - "Transients" an issue for council
again - Florida Times-Union - Wednesday, September 4, 2002

8. Snohomish County, WA - Pitching in together gets us back
to normal - The Daily Herald - September 4, 2002

9. Marysville, WA - Homeless women get a life makeover 
- The Daily Herald - August 25, 2002

10. Quincy, MA - Alcohol unit to close at homeless shelter 
- cites funding cuts - The Boston Globe - September 8, 2002

11. Sandwich, MA - Farm vision for homeless gains foes 
- The Boston Globe - September 8, 2002

12. Brisbane, CA - Guardian tree dwellers in Calif. getting evicted 
- The New York Times - September 08, 2002

13. National - Giving your car to charity? Not so fast 
- Seattle Times - September 8, 2002

14. Somerville, MA - OPINION: Wrong Ones Have Shelter 
- The Boston Globe - September 6, 2002


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