[Hpn] Dublin, CA - A SENSE OF PRIDE East Bay Homeless Stand Down - September 5 - 8, 2002

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A SENSE OF PRIDE East Bay Stand Down at
Parks RFTA (Camp Parks) 
By Demian Bulwa - San Francisco Chronicle - August 30, 2002

Volunteers are needed for the third East Bay Stand Down, which 
attempts to restore dignity to homeless, needy and displaced 
veterans and get them back on track. 

Starting Thursday, more than 400 veterans and their families will be
brought by bus to Parks RFTA (Camp Parks) where they will stay in
a tent city set up by the Army Reserve's 352nd Combat Support
Hospital of Oakland. 

Participants will get medical screening and treatment, have access
to court proceedings, and can meet with counselors, chaplains, 
Social Security representatives, the DMV and others. 

One in five of the participants can receive direct placement into a
shelter or rehabilitation program.  

Local restaurants will serve food, and there will be live music and

-- DUBLIN Sept. 5-8. Parks RFTA (Camp Parks).   Free.

Preregister at Veterans Affairs offices and other service providers for
the homeless around the Bay Area. 

Volunteers can sign up online: www.eastbaystanddown.org or by 
calling (925) 691-7336.

source page:  http://makeashorterlink.com/?R3EA261B1

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