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       THE HOMELESS DAILY NEWS for September 4, 2002
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There were 13 news articles added in today's issue:

1. HOMELESS DAILY NEWS for September 3, 2002  Issue 238

2. San Francisco, CA - Residential Hotels facing sprinkler deadline
- San Francisco Chronicle - September 2, 2002

3. El Sobrante, CA - Cops hold son in slaying of homeless houseguest
- San Francisco Chronicle - August 29, 2002

4. SALINAS, Calif. - Flordia Judge pleads no contest to lesser charge
in Carmel peeping case - Associated Press - August 29, 2002

5. Johannesburg, South Africa - Poverty turns spectator sport at U.N.
world summit - San Francisco Chronicle - September 3, 2002

6. Sacramento, CA  - Bill allowing involuntary outpatient treatment
of mentally ill goes to governor - Associated Press - August 29, 2002

7. San Mateo County, CA - It's against the law to live in a tree
- San Francisco Chronicle - September 4, 2002

8. NYC, NY - Working-Class Students Go to Boarding School
- The New York Times - September 4, 2002

9. Sacramento, CA - CA approves bill on hypodermic needles & creates
state office on Homelessness - Associated Press - August 30, 2002

10. Washington, DC - Study of welfare finds success after Cuyahoga
County, OH reforms - Cleveland Plain Dealer - September 4, 2002

11. NYC, NY - Pols pitch rent aid over homeless shelters
- New York Daily News - September 4, 2002

12. NYC, NY - Man dies after dispute over cans
- New York Daily News - September 4, 2002

13. London, UK - Charity predicts more homelessness in Asian
and black communities - The Guardian UK - September 4, 2002

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