[Hpn] NH Homeless housing for a family

wtinker wtinker@metrocast.net
Sun, 1 Sep 2002 12:40:22 -0400

From: "Carol Ann Johnston" <caj@ridgewoodforest.com>

 Hi Bill,

 I have not yet heard from anyone regarding my offer to help the homeless.
should have mentioned that we have a nine room home with three spare
bedrooms and a private bath with laundry facilities. Enough room for a
family, I think.  We also have two long haired Dachshunds and three cats, so
that is something to consider if anyone has allergies.  It bothers me a lot
to think of children living out of a car or in a shelter and trying to get
to school.  How can they concentrate on learning?  If someone wanted to
help, we have lots of planting, weeding and raking to do, but that is not a
requirement.  Thanks and God Bless.

 Carol Ann Johnston
Dear Carol Ann Johnston,
I just sent this back out to people whom may know a family that would love
to live
in a decent home I forgot your telephone number but your e-mail address is
here for some one to reply to.
Thank you for your being there for displaced people.
A Brother In The Struggle
William Tinker