[Hpn] Bad News: VT Supreme Court OK's Act 114 re: MH Forced Drugging, etc.

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Bad News: Vermont Supreme Court OK's Act 114
re: Mental Health Forced Drugging, etc.


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Vermont Supreme Court
Current Decisions
J.L. v. Miller (2000-430) (18-Oct-2002):


~~~Forwarded excerpts:

No. 2000-430

J.L.                                 Supreme Court

                                     On Appeal from
v.                                   Washington Superior Court

Sutherland Miller, et al.            January Term, 2002

Mary Miles Teachout, J.

John J. McCullough III, Vermont Legal Aid, Inc., Waterbury, for
Plaintiff-Appellee J.L.

O. Whitman Smith of Mickenberg, Dunn, Kochman, Lachs & Smith, PLC,
Burlington, for Plaintiffs-Appellees R.B., S.H. and Vermont
Protection and Advocacy, Inc.

Robert Appel, Defender General, Montpelier, for Plaintiff-Appellee R.B.

William Sorrell, Attorney General, Montpelier, and Jennifer L. Myka,
Assistant Attorney General, and Sean Brown, Law Clerk (On the Brief),
Waterbury, for Defendants-Appellants.

PRESENT:  Morse, J., and DiMauro, D.J., Allen, C.J. (Ret.) and
Gibson J. (Ret.), Specially Assigned

MORSE, J.   Defendants Sutherland Miller, Commissioner, Vermont
Department of Developmental and Mental Health Services; Rodney Copeland,
Superintendent, Vermont State Hospital; Brij Sarran, Staff Psychiatrist,
Vermont State Hospital; Nancy Belle Collett, Staff Psychiatrist, Vermont
State Hospital; and Rafael E. Garcia, Staff Psychiatrist, Vermont State
Hospital, appeal the denial of a motion for relief from judgment under
V.R.C.P. 60(b)(5).

<Page 2>

Defendants had asked the superior court to vacate the "J. L. Consent
Decree," entered into in May 1985, because in 1998 the Legislature adopted 
legislation expressly stating that "the J. L. v. Miller consent judgment 
[is] no longer applicable."  1997, No. 114 (Adj. Sess.), § 1 (codified as 18 
V.S.A. § 7629(d)).  We hold that the legislative enactment of Act 114 
supercedes the J.L. Consent Decree by operation of law, compelling us to 
reverse the trial court's ruling and grant the motion for relief from 



Background information ~~~ fyi:

[Hpn] Vermont News: Court hears arguments over forced drugging of psych 
patients; Wednesday, January 16, 2002:

P&A Summary of the Issue in Vermont:


The Superior Court Decision
JL v Miller Decision (12/30/1999):


-- [Note: the above Web pages are only among the pages archived of the
former Madnation Web site pages. MadNation is no longer an active Web site]

January 5, 2000
Vermont Times
(written by [now former Vermont Times editor] Shay Totten)
Page 8
No More Force:


-- [Note: the above editorial is followed by a 1/5/00 VT Times article
entitled "Forced Drugging Legislation Dealt Blow by Court" as well]

April / May 1998
The Independent
Waterbury VT
Page 8
Forced Treatment: Symptom or Cure?;
Hosted at the NARPA Web site:


January 2000
Vermont Activities
A Challenge to Vermont’s Assisted Treatment Reform
By Rosanna Esposito;
Treatment Advocacy Center:


--[Note: the above Web site belongs to a well-funded pro-forced treatment 
advocacy organization]

Act 114 An Act Relating to Involuntary Medication of Mental Health Patients 
(S.103); Enacted 1998:


Self-determination and independence versus force and dependency; National 
Empowerment Center newsletter; 1999:


Vermont's Vision of a Public System of Developmental and  Mental Health 
Services without Coercion  - (01/18/2000):


-- (Adobe Acrobat Reader required - download from the Adobe web site 

~~~For more, go to the VT P&A Web site:

Vermont Protection & Advocacy:


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