[Hpn] Dealing with assumptions and false allegations

H. C. Covington H. C. Covington" <hccjr@bellsouth.net
Sat, 30 Mar 2002 11:29:15 -0500

Actually Graeme, H. C. Covington did not "write" anything

I simply forwarded a posted message by someone that was addressing some of the
same issues and frustrations that you were.

Therefore, your statement and demand that:

"Your attitude is unacceptable and an apology to members of the Survivor
community is definitely required for this insulting piece."

should probably be sent to the individual that wrote the piece and not to me.

You really should get your facts straight before you try to instruct someone
else in "what you would have them do."

Isn't that part of what you have been complaining and flaming about with
others recently?


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At 06:59 AM 3/30/02 -0500, H. C. Covington wrote:

Neither extreme serves our health.  You could label what they infect us with
as "Torreyitis," in honor of one of the usual suspects!
Warning: angry words lie ahead