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The Homeless and Housing News for July 30, 2002 Index #203

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1. Nationwide - Homeless and Housing News: Topic Index # 202 - 
for July 29, 2002 

2. Cape Cod, MA - Cape Cod homeless: who, how and why? - 
Cape Cod Times - July 28, 2002 

3. Raleigh, NC - No need to hide: Homeless Bob won't bother us
any more - The Raleigh News & Observer - June 1, 2002 

4. Hyannis, MA - "THROWN-AWAY" children make up a significant
part of the homeless - Cape Cod Times - July 28, 2002 

5. Raleigh, NC - A roof for everyone: a plan to end homelessness
in North Carolina - The News & Observer - June 1, 2002 

6. Fredericksburg, Va. - Fredericksburg needs to accept homeless
- The Free Lance-Star - June 25, 2002 

7. Raleigh, NC - Official says death of Homeless man likely
accidental - The News & Observer - July 9, 2002

8. Manatee, FL - Community Coalition on Homelessness boosts
homeless project - Bradenton Herald - Jun. 27, 2002 

9. Detroit, MI - Giving money contributes to homelessness on
Wayne State campus - The South End News - February 2, 2002

10. Nationwide - Charities Find Donors Scarce as Market Losses
Compound - New York Times - July 30, 2002 

11. New York, NY - Rise in Homeless People Taxes Mayor's 
Strategy - News Day - July 30, 2002 

12. Osaka, Japan - New law may raise prospects for homeless - 
The Japan Times - July 30, 2002

13. Nationwide - Non Profit - Community Development Training
Institute -Free and Online 24/7 - Classes start in September

14. Oklahoma City - Oklahoma Food bank's distributions up 30
percent The Oklahoman - July 30, 2002 

15. Washington, DC - Misguided Medicine A stunning finding about
antidepressants ignored - Washington Post - July 29, 2002

16. Hackensack, NJ - Hackensack Homeless facility plans on hold
..again - The Bergen Record - July 28, 2002 

17. Malden, MA - City will get 19 affordable units: families
ending up in shelter risen 67 percent - The Boston Globe - July
28, 2002 

SHELTERS - New York Post - July 28, 2002 

19. Las Vegas, NV - Clark County (Las Vegas) voters will consider
a 'homeless tax' initiative - Las Vegas Sun - July 28, 2002

20. Denton, TX - New 470-bed, $19.2 million jail stands empty as
County officials argue - Houston Chronicle - July 27, 2002 

21. Victoria, Australia - Salvation Army opens homeless motel for
hard times -The Herald Sun and Weekly Times - July 28, 2002 

22. Santa Cruz, CA - Previously pastoral Santa Cruz facing all
the trouble of a big city - San Francisco Chronicle -July 29, 2002 

23. Nationwide - Side Effect of Welfare Law: The "No-Parent"
Family The New York Times - July 29, 2002 >>>

24. Nationwide - Alcohol, Mental Problems Rife in U.S. Workforce
HealthScout News - July 29, 2002 >>>

25. San Francisco, CA - Care-Not-Cash growing in support among
voters San Francisco Examiner - July 29, 2002 >>>

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