[Hpn] Manchester,N.H. housed man falsely accuses Manchester homeless man of robbing

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Morning Readers:
Thank you Diantha Schierloh for this article this is the type of  PRESS we
are trying to re-educate public on or at least let people know that the
homeless man in story that was accused by the homed man of robbery did not
do this crime at all.

It is BAD enough that some cities have attempted to make you a criminal if
your poor or displaced,but to feed the emotions and fuel hatred towards
people that are down and out in NH is not why we are here.

A Brother In The Struggle To End Homelessness
Bill Tinker
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July 31, 2002
'Lonely, bored' false
report is costly
Union Leader Staff

A man who cut himself on the arm and then told Manchester police he had been
injured in a robbery filed the false report because he was "lonely and
 bored" and "just wanted attention," according to court documents.
Victor Dean, 42, of 77 Market St., Apartment 42, pleaded not guilty
yesterday in Manchester District Court to filing a false robbery report that
brought out 10 police officers, two fire trucks and an ambulance.
Dean allegedly told police that about 1:45 a.m. yesterday, he was twice
slashed in the arm by a knife-wielding robber who assaulted him as he was
putting out his trash.
He later admitted, police said, that he was lonely and bored and had injured
himself because he just wanted attention.
"He did all this . . . just for the attention, but he tied up a number of
police officers, ambulance attendants and fire personnel that could have
been available for other emergencies in the city," said police prosecuting
officer Ronald Mello, who asked that bail be set at $1,000 cash or bond.
Dean was bleeding from two small cuts to his left forearm when police
arrived at the scene near City Hall. He told police that as he was throwing
out his trash, someone grabbed him from behind and demanded his wallet.
Dean told police the man stabbed and robbed him.
He provided a detailed description of an individual familiar to officers.
More than 10 police officers searched for a homeless man whom they suspected
of the assault.
About 3 a.m., officers located the homeless man outside the Red Arrow diner
on Lowell Street and detained him.
However, police said, the diner's manager told them the man had been
panhandling in front of the diner for hours and had ordered breakfast at
1:36 a.m. He had been there ever since, the manager said.
The man denied being on Market Street or robbing anyone.
Police spoke again with Dean. This time, according to court records, he said
he was sorry, that he was in his apartment, it was hot and he was lonely and
He said he didn't want to hurt himself, but he wanted the attention and had
made up the suspect's description, according to court records.
Dean told the judge that he suffers from a mental illness.
"This behavior definitely makes me ashamed of myself," he said. "I want to
be an outstanding and honorable citizen, your honor."
Dean asked the judge to release him on personal recognizance bail so he can
see his doctor, be admitted to the hospital and receive proper medication.
Emery set bail at $500 cash or bond with a trial scheduled for Oct. 17.
The maximum penalty for making a false report to law enforcement officials,
a misdemeanor, is $2,000 and one year in jail, according to police.

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