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The Homeless and Housing News for July 26, 2002
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Location / City               Article Title
                         Source                 Date
1. Atlanta, GA  - Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation appoints new President - The
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - July 24, 2002

2. Boston, MA - You can't negotiate with a man who won't come to the table -
Boston Globe - July 24, 2002

3. Boston, MA -  Legislature's budget places more than 800 homeless shelter beds
at risk - AP / FOX News -  July 24, 2002

4. Homeless and Housing News Index for July 25, 2002 - Number 197

5. Rockport, MA  -  A push to keep Rockport Lodge open for women - Boston
Globe - July 25, 2002 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HomelessNews/message/1562

6. Salem, MA - City fights to keep affordable housing - The Boston Globe July
25, 2002 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HomelessNews/message/1563

7. Baltimore, MD - "Shelter Plus Care" most successful long-term solution to
homelessness - The Baltimore Sun - July 25, 2002

8. Baltimore, MD - Advocates for homeless fear crackdown will create record for
homeless offenders - Baltimore Sun - July 25, 2002

9. Indianapolis, IN - To help the truly needy, don't fall for panhandler's
pitch - The Indianapolis Star - July 25, 2002

10. York County, PA - New Housing Council head recalls her struggles; No
stranger of homelessness York Dispatch - July 24, 2002

11. Dakota County, MN - Not having affordable housing in a community is like not
having water - MN Sun Newspapers - May 1, 2002

12. Dakota County, MN - Group links homelessness to housing shortage - MN Sun
Newspapers - March 20, 2002

13. Monterey County, CA - County's homeless has increased 45 percent in 3
years - Monterey County Herald - July 23, 2002

 14. San Francisco, CA - No home, no Castro for San Francisco's homeless - San
Francisco Examiner - July 24, 2002

15. San Francisco, CA - Plan C: San Francisco's "middle way" - San Francisco
Examiner - July 22, 2002 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HomelessNews/message/1572

16. New Orleans, LA - Cleanup of French Quarter - Since June 2 more than 3,200
arrests - Times-Picayune - July 19, 2002

17. Washington, DC - For a Homeless Boy, Camp Is an Oasis - Washington Post -
July 23, 2002 http://groups.yahoo.com/group/HomelessNews/message/1574

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