[Hpn] Vermont Coalition / 101 public education seminars on homeless to stop stero typing

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2001 The Burlington Free Press

July 30,2002

Letters to the editor

 Government enables

 Several articles have been written as well as pictures shown of the
on the North End of Burlington.

 These people sure do have a problem of their own undertaking. With
facilities available to help them with alcohol how many choose to

Many of these men receive aid from the government. They do not have to lie
out in the elements. But if they spend the money on lodging, they would have
to cut back on their beer, of course.

Why our government fuels the habits of these people, while we work every
day, I just don't understand.

I know that alcoholism is a terrible disease, but so is smoking, and people
have kicked the habit, and they could do the same thing.

These men are all able bodied who have no problem walking two miles for
their habits, so why can't they work and earn their keep in life instead of
depending on you and I?

 I closing I will say this: "God helps those who help themselves!"