[Hpn] Pope Squat Delegation to visit Lastman Mon 12PM

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Fri, 26 Jul 2002 18:10:53 -0400

From: "Ontario Coalition Against Poverty"ocap@tao.ca
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 
To: mayor_lastman@city.toronto.on.ca
Subject: Pope Squat Delegation to visit Lastman Mon 12PM
 Mayor Lastman:
 As I'm sure you are aware by now, our Coalition has opened the abandoned
building located at 1510 King Street West.   We have enjoyed tremendous
support for our action and there is no shortage of individuals eager to
begin renovations of the property.  We believe this support is, in part,
generated by the well-known fact that the building had been operated as
rooming house until the recent past.
1510 King St. West: History and Status
 Investigations into the buildings status and history have brought some
very interesting information to light.  It would appear that the
corporation that owned the building has been defunct since 1994.  Since
that time there has been no application to revive the corporation and
there is considerable question as to just who owns the building with the
City and Province both coming up as prime candidates.  In October 2000,
the tenants of 1510 King St. W. were evicted by city officials.
 We believe the eviction was motivated by the citys desire to gentrify
Parkdale as part of its campaign to shut down the last vestiges of cheap
affordable housing.  Two years later, as the housing crisis has only
worsened, 1510 King St. W. sits empty.
 Given the property's unique legal situation, OCAP puts the following point
to you:   Regardless of whether ownership presently lies with the City or
the Province, you have the legal authority and moral obligation to restore
1510 King to low-income housing.
 Municipal resources must be made available for renovations and repairs and
that those renovations must begin immediately.
 The housing project must be self-managed by those people needing housing
who want to live there.
 We are currently investigating the legal situations of other dormant
properties in the neighbourhood.  We call upon you to do the same and to
enter into negotiations regarding all properties in a similar situation.
 Finally, we are asking for a meeting that will begin to address these
issues to take place at your earliest convenience.  Please be advised that
should we not hear from you, we will take the liberty of carving such a
meeting into your agenda at 12:00 noon on Monday, July 29th, 2002 at your
office.  A delegation of concerned individuals and organizations will
attend.  If you discover that the province has a role to play in this
property, please take the liberty of bringing them to the table.
 Yours truly,
 Sue Collis, organizer
 Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
Erick Gam, Commissioner of Community and Neighbourhood Services
Phil Brown,  General Manager, Shelther Housing and supporty
Mark Guflitf, Lets Build Program
Chris Hodsgon,  Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing
Ernie Eves, Premier
Far and wide
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
517 College Street, Suite 234  Toronto, Ontario  M5G 4A2
416-925-6939   ocap@tao.ca   www.ocap.ca