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The Events Calendar (so far) for the Pope Squat. Check the OCAP website
www.OCAP.ca for the location of the Pope Squat after we take it on
Thursday.  All events after the Thursday march will be at the Pope

The Pope Squat March! =AD Thursday, July 25, 7:00pm, Masaryk Cowan Park
Summer Clean-up Day! =AD Friday, July 26, all day
Pope Squat Film Night =AD Friday, July 26, 9:00pm (when it gets dark)
SUMMER STREET FESTIVAL =AD Saturday, July 27, 12:00 noon =AD night
Solidarity Sunday =AD Sunday, July 28, all day
Radical Garage Sale =AD Monday, July 29, 12noon =AD 6pm
Performance by Ron Hawkins =AD Tuesday, July 30, 7:00pm
Video by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis =AD Tuesday, July 30, 9:00pm
Radical Reading Night =AD Wednesday, July 31, 7:00pm

Thursday, July 25

The Pope Squat March!
Masaryk Cowan Park

In Parkdale =AD Queen St. West at Cowan Ave.
(West of Dufferin, East of Lansdowne, beside the Masaryk Cowan Community
Come and join the march to take housing!

Friday, July 26

Summer Clean-up Day!
All day
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

Come out and help turn an abandoned building into a place to live.
Bring cleaning supplies and renovation materials!

Pope Squat Film Night
9:00pm (when it gets dark)
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

We=92ll be showing movies outside well into the night:
=93Homes not Jails=94 =AD a Washington D.C. squat video
=93The Murder of Fred Hampton=94 =AD an intense documentary about the FBI
murder of one of the founders of the Black Panther Party
=93The Battle of Algiers=94 =AD a film set during the anti-colonial struggle
in Algeria
Bring your popcorn!

Saturday, July 27

12:00 noon =AD until the music runs out=85
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

In order to celebrate the opening of the Pope Squat, OCAP is inviting
neighborhood residents, social activists and squat supporters to a
Summer Street Festival!

DJs all day =AD performances by DJ Complex, DJ Pilot Boy, DJ KLC, and DJs
Stress and Maxxed Out =AD plus special guests!

Delicious food provided by Mobilization for Social Justice (Mob4Glob)
and Latin American Coalition Against Racism (LACAR)

Live performances and bands starting at 4:00 and going into the evening!

Arte e Liberdade (Art and Liberty)
Capoeira performance =AD not to be missed!

A free-form avant-folk collective put together by songwriter Nick
Taylor. With elements of country, gypsy folk, free jazz, and the
avant-garde, their performances are always unique.

Shut-In=92s music integrates bass-driven post-punk, polyrhythmic pop and
noir disruptions.

Fearless Vampire Killers
The deconstruction of hip-hop.

* street performers and fire spinners!
* spoken word performances!
* Graf. Art competition (on canvases) =AD bring your spraypaint!

If you=92re not at the Summer Street Festival, YOU=92RE NOT HAVING FUN!

Sunday, July 28

Solidarity Sunday
All day
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

A day of exciting events organised by local unions, including CUPE
locals 3903, 3906, 3907, 2191, 79, 1281, 4308.

Games Night =AD from Midnight until 8am -- a night of rousing board and
card games (Pit, Risk, Class Struggle, Twister, Mind Games, Asshole,
GATS Attack etc.)

Alternative Service =AD 8am to noon =AD with a late breakfast/brunch =AD a
reading by Jane Doe from her forthcoming book =AD a performance piece by
Michale Achtman, local playwright and filmaker =AD a performance by the
Friendly Spike Theatre Band

Labour/Squatting Forum =AD noon to 4pm =AD history of squatting, previous
and current strikes and labour struggles, locating labour within squat

Culture =AD 4pm to midnight =AD supper from 4pm-6pm, banner and mural
making, soccer at 6pm, street theatre at 8pm, acoustic street party at
9pm, film =93They Live=94 (that awesome B cult classic) at 10pm.

Monday, July 29

Radical Garage Sale
12noon =AD 6pm
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

Toronto activists are inviting you to celebrate the opening of the Pope
Squat by coming to a Radical Garage Sale on the Squat's proverbial front
lawn. Although garage sales are normally held by residents of a building
when they move OUT, this community garage sale is being organized in
support of the occupants who will just have moved IN!

So clear all the unused stuff out of your stifling apartments. Bring it
down to the Pope Squat on Monday afternoon and sell or barter it for
someone else's unused stuff. Sales contributions of Radical Kitsch are
especially encouraged.

Proceeds from your sales can be donated to OCAP and the Pope Squat.

All Day Teach In
12noon =AD
PLEASE NOTE:  this event may be postponed until Tuesday or Wednesday,
but will be held early in the week!

Come join Toronto Elementary and Secondary School teachers for a
teach-in.  Learn all about the history of squats, the mathmatics of
social spending cuts, and the biology of Tories (yuck!)

Tuesday, July 30

Performance by Ron Hawkins
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

A live acoustic perfromance from the singer/songwriter from The Lowest
of the Low!

Video by Naomi Klein and Avi Lewis
9:00pm (when it gets dark)
The premiere of a  short video entitled =93Gustavo Benedetto Presente!=94
about police violence in Argentina, made and introduced by Avi Lewis and
Naomi Klein.

Wednesday, July 31

Radical Reading Night
At the Pope Squat! (check the OCAP website www.OCAP.ca for the location)

A night of poetry and readings from local poets, writers and performance