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The Homeless and Housing News for July 24, 2002
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Topics in this digest:

1. Toronto, CA - Habitat for Humanity Int'l --  Habitat House to Receive Papal
Blessing -July 24, 2002

 2. National - NPR Radio Special - Housing First - Narrative Transcript - July
23, 2002

 3. Rochester, MN - Affordable housing initiative launched in Rochester - Star
Tribune - July 21, 2002

4. Flagstaff, AZ - Homeless will have to spend the 4th of July back on the
streets - Arizona Daily Sun - July 3, 2002

5. Flagstaff, AZ - Homeless families with children fall between the cracks -
Arizona Daily Sun - July 16, 2002

6. Flagstaff, AZ - GIMME SHELTER: Issue of city providing a shelter for the
homeless - Arizona Daily Sun - July 14, 2002

7. Flagstaff, AZ - Royal Inn to house the homeless, for the next 85 days -
Arizona Daily Sun - July 12, 2002

8. Flagstaff, AZ - Housing the homeless at Royal Inn - Arizona Daily Sun - July
23, 2002

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