[Hpn] Bike Thieves

Bill Smith freeportland@hotmail.com
Tue, 23 Jul 2002 19:53:19 -0700

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<DIV><FONT face=Arial size=2><STRONG><FONT color=#663399 size=3>If you are in the park and you see a cop, get out of there! <BR></FONT></STRONG>Its not a public park. <BR><BR>People in Ontario with nice bikes mountains or any kind have carry the receipts in their pockets not because its law but for protection because of the cops here. And then itís only a photocopy because our cops will steel such a piece of paper if they can sell that bike in their auction. The cops will use the line; Iím looking for a stolen bike just like that one, so just hold on until we check you out. This harassment is how a confrontation starts here, first the cop is wrong and we know it. The kid being harassed is getting madder and madder if he says anything wrong the cops pushes him down handcuffs him and says you are going to jail unless you tell me what I want to know. And what happens if there is a witness, well I have got close before so as I could hear the harassment and the cop will threaten your life, or your freedom. If you see such a crime video tape it or take pictures please donít get caught. <BR>This happens everyday, my friends, and the kidís friends know to keep their receipts in their pockets when they are out enjoying life. We should be allowed to fight back these people are not peacemakers they are scum of the earth. <BR><BR>If you donít have the bill scratch your name and phone number in the bike somewhere where nobody but you will know. If thereís no bill the serial number is useless and the cops know that, donít let them steel your bike, mark it. </FONT></DIV>
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<P><STRONG><FONT color=#993300>Be careful posting such news.</FONT></STRONG></P>
<P><STRONG><FONT color=#993300>We don't want corrupt cops in other jurisdictions to get any more ideas.<BR><BR></FONT></STRONG></P>
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