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The SABERA Foundation to Launch in the United States
Melanie Griffith, Penelope Cruz and Esther Canadas Join Forces With Renowned
Spanish Musician Nacho Cano to Kick Off Launch
Fundraiser Event to Take Place in October

LOS ANGELES, July 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Actresses Melanie Griffith and Penelope
Cruz along with Supermodel, Esther Canadas are launching the U.S. branch of the
SABERA Foundation.

Established in India by renowned Spanish singer/songwriter/producer, Nacho Cano,
the non-profit organization is committed to changing the lives of street
children and on improving the difficult situation faced by both widows and women
who have been abandoned by their husbands.

Dedicated to the creation of employment programs, education reform and improved
health care and nutrition, SABERA prepares and teaches children basic and
essential skills that will one day provide them with a sustainable source of
income and independence.

Headquartered in Calcutta, India, SABERA focuses its efforts on the social
transformation of women in India by alleviating the deprivation and exploitation
of Calcutta's poorest and abandoned children. The foundation is committed to
making a difference in lives of children and young women while working to change
values through the integration of stable social infrastructures.

To date, the SABERA Foundation has provided permanent work for over 150 people,
built and currently operates homeless shelters, schools, medical clinics
including a Tuberculosis treatment center, a computer training center and a
music academy teaching children basic computer skills and universal languages

In the near future, The SABERA Foundation is looking forward to constructing a
second home housing 200 girls, build a fully functioning hospital and create
additional schools in order to allow more children and young women to receive a
proper education.

Nacho Cano started the foundation when destiny brought him together with Sabera,
one of many poverty-stricken children who suffered from a lack of resources,
abandonment from her father and was begging on the streets of Calcutta, digging
for food in rubbish dumps.

He made it his mission to put an end to child hunger and homelessness in
Calcutta. Sabera and her mother were rescued by Nacho and later joined him in
Spain, where they were given the opportunity to start a new life. Currently,
Sabera is receiving the education and the skills needed to become the future
manager of the foundation that bears her name.

"I have the greatest admiration and love for the people at the SABERA
Foundation. There is a huge heart beating in India urging me to do all I can to
help and encourage these magical people who are working so hard to make a
difference in the lives of these young children. The Foundation is in serious
need of any help that you can give. Our primary aim at the moment, as our first
structure is full to capacity, is to build a much-needed second home with
medical facilities for the many children who are waiting for a place to live,"
said Melanie Griffith.

"We have come so far in Spain and we feel that launching SABERA in the U.S. will
open up many doors and opportunities to ultimately benefit the children in
Calcutta," says Nacho Cano, Founder.

"SABERA has created an environment for young women and children to improve their
lives and receive equal opportunities despite lack of resources," said Penelope
Cruz, President of the SABERA Foundation in the United States. "I'm honored to
be a part of this foundation which will make a difference in the lives of so

"After witnessing the rescue of Farsana, a premature baby girl, from her death a
few years ago, I realize the immediate need to build a second home for the
children," said Esther Canadas. "With approximately 95 girls waiting to enter
the SABERA home, the urgency to help these children is significant. From this
heart-wrenching experience, I have learned so much and realize that it takes so
little to make a world of change."

SABERA's first Fundraising event in the U.S. will take place October 10th in Los
Angeles. Proceeds from that event will help build hospitals and schools in
Calcutta that will give many women and children a better opportunity to be
educated. Additional event details will be released shortly.

More information on SABERA can be found on their website at
WWW.SABERAFOUNDATION.ORG or for further information regarding the SABERA
Foundation, please contact Andy Gelb and/or Anne Cook of PMK/HBH Public
Relations at (310) 289-6200.


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