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Work Force Blues: Examining Temporary Labor and Homelessness

By Riccardo Taylor - Street Vibes - February 21, 2002

Today in the work world, jobs are relatively hard to come by in the sense of out
right hiring.

The job market has changed from the hiring of employees by a company, to temp to
hire, through temporary agencies.

The new wave of employment practices has become the way of the future.

Temporary agencies offer a variety of jobs, skilled and unskilled, everything
from clerical to labor.

They cover practically every aspect and phase of the employment industry. The
agencies spring up everywhere, like new grass, with a list of names straight
from the book of list.

Of course like anything else the temporary employment business has its good side
and its bad side. In speaking about the pros and cons of the temporary
employment services one has to keep an open mind, giving the benefit of any
doubts to the temp agencies.

>From the pro side the list of positives range form the momentary assistance for
the homeless person, to the prospect of additional cash from weekend

Often the temporary assignment is the only hope or at least the best bet for a
day’s pay for the homeless person or the person in transit. You can just go down
and get on the list to go out and make anywhere from thirty to forty dollars for
the day.

Many times this can be the difference from one being able to feed himself, as
opposed to having to beg in the street. The homeless person can at least sustain
himself in his situation through working through the temporary service.

However, it would be very difficult for the homeless to change their
circumstance just working through the temp service.

The homeless person can benefit in the sense of immediate needs, but doesn’t
have much hope for the future if they expect to change their situation.

The temporary job assignment can benefit some personal needs or esteem for the
homeless person as it allows one to feel a sense of self worth, being able to
earn a few dollars through a legitimate means.

Also the temp assignment can be the extra dollar needed for the employee who has
the full time job. It can be the change that one may need to buy a special gift
or the dollar to buy that extra staple good. The full time employed can benefit
from weekend work or work during their time off from their regular job.

It can be a great help in allowing a person to get ahead, or caught up on some
owed bill. All in all the temp assignment can be the crutch for stepping that
needed or extra step in ones financial world.

On the other hand the temporary employment business can be an exploitative
entity if viewed from the con side of the argument of the temporary employment

One essential thing from the workers point of view that the temporary job does
not offer is benefits, benefits which every worker needs or should have if they
are to be able to prosper in their lives outside of the work arena.

The temporary employer does not offer such things as health insurance, sick
time, vacation, or other benefits which help to even out work schedules or
protect the employee in times of need or misfortune.

The temporary assignment is not, as is indicated in its very name, permanent or
long termed. Often the temp worker can find themselves out of work or working
short hours when the employer has a slow-down or other reason for not needing

This can keep a worker off balance or in the dark as to how to plan for the
future. The idea that one can be fired or DNRed (do not returned) from an
assignment is also an obstacle in which hampers the possible growth for the temp

The pay scale for the temp worker is another thing which can be a problem for
the financial outlook of the temp worker. The pay usually is at minimum wage or

The temp agency often has so many different fees or cost which the worker has to
pay for such as equipment renting or ride cost that after these cost are
extracted from the pay the worker is getting less then the minimum wage.

These things and others are perhaps the biggest reason for not depending on the
temp assignment for ones livelihood. These can be the reasons for not choosing
the temporary work assignment and instead searching for a permanent job if one
expects to be able to get ahead in the work world.

So it can be said although the temporary work idea can be the difference in the
work force, it has its pros and cons and the difference lies in where the worker
wants to be in the future.
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