[Hpn] $350 Million in Washington Post was a Misprint - Only $35 million proposed

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Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:29:03 -0500

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Subject: Washington Post Mistake - $350 Million Homeless Program is only $35

Just so you know - 350 was a misprint - it is only 35 Million - 20 from HUD, 10
from HHS and 5 from the VA



Dear Jean:

With our fragile human humility established once again, we thank you for your
correction notice!

We had not yet compared the HUD New Release with the Washington Post article
this morning.  In fact, I was writing an Editorial Opinion on why "$350 million"
was only a drop in the pan to fund the effort to End Chronic Homelessness.

With the true amount being $35 million, the editorial will be changed to
that this proposes help of only $175.00 per "Chronic homeless person" for FY
2003 and it appears that even this is not new money, but a portion already
allocated to the Federal Departments.  They are simply "shape shifting" these
dollars in a new annoucement, not new funding for a new program.

We are sorry for building false expectations by forwarding the Washington Post
article.  Perhaps we should consider asking for the reported $350 million
through our Continuum of Care Coalitions.  At $35 million this is only about
$700,000 per state, but at $350 million it is more like $6.8 million per state.

H. C. [Sonny] Covington, Editor
Nonprofit Information Specialist
Homeless and Housing News