[Hpn] Re: New list for prison & psych rights activists

Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Sun, 21 Jul 2002 13:37:43 -0400

The short is (I  think) prison-psycrights-subscribe@yahoogroups.com for
an email opt-in to subscribe to this list.

Tom C

> Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:28:40 -0700
> To: sci@efn.org
> From: Eli Rosenblatt <elihu@prisonactivist.org>
> Subject: New list for prison & psych rights activists
> We invite you to join a dynamic new mailing list. 
> [prison+psychrights] is a 
> list devoted to networking, sharing information and building bridges 
> between activists focused on psychiatric rights and activists 
> focused on 
> prisoners' rights.
> For more than three decades, the roots of the psychiatric survivors' 
> and 
> the prison justice movements have been intertwined. It's now time to 
> reaffirm and nurture those roots. There are many different opinions 
> and 
> perspectives within each of these social change movements. This list 
> is a 
> chance to have mutually-respectful discussions, find common ground, 
> and 
> take action together.
> Participants in this list are active with groups such as Support 
> Coalition 
> International [http://mindfreedom.org] and the Prison Activist 
> Resource 
> Center [http://prisonactivist.org] (A long-time SCI sponsor). We are 
> concerned about the merger of the psychopharmaceutical industry and 
> the 
> prison industry, especially through the use of involuntary 
> psychiatric 
> drugging.
> In the last few years, the psychiatric survivors movement has 
> increasingly 
> networked with other movements, especially the disability rights 
> movement. 
> We see these movements -- like the prison justice movement -- as 
> part of 
> the greater organized poor people's movement. It's important that we 
> network, stay in touch, and build solidarity. This list is one tool 
> we can 
> use to reach realize those goals.
> To subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prison-psychrights/
> Solidarity,
> Eli Rosenblatt

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