[Hpn] Fwd: New list for prison & psych rights activists

Graeme Bacque gbacque@colosseum.com
Fri, 19 Jul 2002 19:20:47 -0400

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Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2002 15:28:40 -0700
To: sci@efn.org
From: Eli Rosenblatt <elihu@prisonactivist.org>
Subject: New list for prison & psych rights activists


We invite you to join a dynamic new mailing list. [prison+psychrights] is a 
list devoted to networking, sharing information and building bridges 
between activists focused on psychiatric rights and activists focused on 
prisoners' rights.

For more than three decades, the roots of the psychiatric survivors' and 
the prison justice movements have been intertwined. It's now time to 
reaffirm and nurture those roots. There are many different opinions and 
perspectives within each of these social change movements. This list is a 
chance to have mutually-respectful discussions, find common ground, and 
take action together.

Participants in this list are active with groups such as Support Coalition 
International [http://mindfreedom.org] and the Prison Activist Resource 
Center [http://prisonactivist.org] (A long-time SCI sponsor). We are 
concerned about the merger of the psychopharmaceutical industry and the 
prison industry, especially through the use of involuntary psychiatric 

In the last few years, the psychiatric survivors movement has increasingly 
networked with other movements, especially the disability rights movement. 
We see these movements -- like the prison justice movement -- as part of 
the greater organized poor people's movement. It's important that we 
network, stay in touch, and build solidarity. This list is one tool we can 
use to reach realize those goals.

To subscribe, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/prison-psychrights/

Eli Rosenblatt