[Hpn] Re: Rather than criminalize the displaced you should be working to resolve is...

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Thu, 18 Jul 2002 14:41:34 -0700 (PDT)

-Well said bro,

It is unfortunate that particular individuals are
unwilling to deal with the issues of the poor that
must resolve their problem through "unacceptable
models" of a sick society.

Janet is all wet behind her ears.

Since when is it a crime that mankind can not take
care of the simplest physiological facets of life. We
offer our dogs and cats better treatment than that.
Where else are they to care for themselves when the
"public restrooms" charge its people to use the
Does she do the dirty work of politically correct
recycling, in order to save our ecology for a future
generation? Dose she attempt to cut back on the
emissions that cause ozone depletion? I wonder who is
going to clean up after her when she drains the last
ounce of fossil fuel from our planet? 

  Historically "facilities" of todays leasure were the
hottest item on the market only 60 years ago, where
only the well to do could afford indoor plumbing.
Before that time people used out-houses. Which in fact
the federal government is attempting to revive. In
1997 the National Park Service spent nearly 800,000 US
dollars installing one four seated outhouse without
toilet paper or water, in the Delaware Water Gap
location. When did the same people send man to the
moon? Both were funded by the US Department of
Evidently she never read the international laws
concerning THE RIGHTS OF MANKIND. She indicated that
the homeless individuals don't pay taxes. In reality
the homeless pay more in per-capita tax than she if
her description of her lifestyle holds true. For many
the suffering started with a simple task.  As he lifts
a spade and twists in order to "improves" the
real-estate that she resides on,due to her failure to
pay him a "living wage," or going to someone else's
war because our preceeding generation dictated it, or
witnessing a loved one pass away without the
understanding of the sacrifice that that person made
so another can survive.
She can't grasp the high cost of a slow death by a
diselusioned AMERICAN, which has lost the hope for
self survival. Whom are guaranteed medical treatment
and are refused due to less than adequate insurance by
federal law. yet the medical profession refuses to
agrsivaly fix the problem, that the NIMBY caused out
of the pleasures of our slave labor.
I have rarely been able to consider the use of the
only affordable medicinal medicine in the terms that
she claims. Hideous and ignorant is her understanding
of society. The substance that she ridicules is often
the only medication some people can acquire under the
Reganomic Reform Package. This problem is going to
worsen as Bush attempts to further streamline
international laws into a unified world economy, and
the American people become less literate. It is such
ignorance that has made our country fall out of the
top twenty best educated nations of the world.
 Her understand of world economics is deplorable as
Janet will be one of the micro-droplets that are in
the IV-ocean of life dripping into the
bloating-bag-of-water that lays on the bed of
Hippocratic gluttony as one.

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