[Hpn] Labor Day Conference on Communal Living - Louisa, Virginia - August 30th to September 2, 2002 - save the dates

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Labor Day Conference on Communal Living: Live Your Beliefs!
Louisa, Virginia - From August 30 through September 2, over 200 people from
around the east coast will gather to spend their Labor Day weekend at Twin Oaks
Community in Virginia, sharing their stories of communal and cooperative living,
and the joys and challenges that are a part of this lifestyle.

This annual Communities Conference attracts people who now live in community as
well as those who have a desire to do so.

At the conference, they can learn about the range of rural, urban, spiritual,
secular, large or small co-operative groups in this country.

Workshops are led by people with experience in areas such as:

-Sustainable Building Methods and Life Styles
-Intentional Relationships
-Group Decision-Making
-Conflict Resolution
-Barter Economies
and more!

Twin Oaks Community hosts the event to encourage the lifestyle we ourselves
enjoy: non-violence, living lightly on the land, shared income, and flexible
work schedules.

The 35-year-old egalitarian community --- which has no guru or leader---- has
about 100 members of all ages. Located on 450 acres, members grow most of their
own food and realize most of their income from their hammocks, tofu, and
book-indexing businesses.

Attendees at the conference will camp in tents at the rustic conference site.
The cost for this event is $85 (sliding scale) and includes meals and camping.

For a flyer and registration form, write to:
Communities Conference,
138 Twin Oaks Road,
Louisa, VA 23093.

Or see online info & registration form at www.twinoaks.org/conference

Twin Oaks Community is an income-sharing, egalitarian community in central

For 35 years we have worked for a stronger communities movement both here and

For more info, point your browser to www.twinoaks.org/

Valerie Renwick-Porter
138 Twin Oaks Road,
Louisa VA 23093

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