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Online Newsletter                            July 12, 2002

1.  NPR to Examine Housing and Homelessness Issues on "All Things Considered"
2.  2010 Plan Engages Citizens to End Homelessness in Philadelphia
3.  Housing Bill Passes Full Committee
4.  Mental Health Commission Announces New Website and Next Meeting
5.  Upcoming Events

National Public Radio [NPR] to Examine Housing and Homelessness Issues
Beginning July 16, National Public Radio [NPR] will air a special five part
series of in-depth features on housing and homelessness issues on its afternoon
news program, "All Things Considered."

The first feature, entitled “Housing First,” will visit a model housing program
in Shreveport, LA and examine how affordable housing provides the critical link
for people recovering from substance abuse.

The series, which will air weekly on Tuesday afternoons through August 13, as
well as further extended coverage of housing and homelessness issues to follow,
has been made possible through a grant by the Melville Charitable Trust.

The trust, a Connecticut-based family foundation, reports that the grant is part
of its continuing effort to raise public awareness of the scope and causes of
the problem of homelessness in American society.

“We believe that NPR is a direct channel to an important and influential
audience,” said Trust Chair Frank Melville. “Through its news and public service
programming NPR has demonstrated over the years that it has a tremendous
capacity to inform and motivate people who make a difference.

Our hope is that this series will get them thinking about confronting the issues
of homelessness and affordable housing and doing something about it in their own

Since its inception in 1990, the Melville Trust has become one of the nation’s
leading funders of programs and initiatives on homelessness and has made almost
450 grants and program related investments totaling over $34 million.

It actively collaborates with nonprofit organizations, government agencies and
individual and institutional funders with the aim of building a society where
every adult and child has a place to call home.

The Trust supports program and housing initiatives that are often cited as
models of best practice. It also funds educational, research, and advocacy
initiatives on the state and national level. To find your local NPR station, go
to http://www.npr.org/members

2010 Plan Engages Citizens to End Homelessness in Philadelphia
The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness is building a citizens’ campaign
to end homelessness in Philadelphia.

Last fall, the independent nonprofit group released its 2010 Plan to End
Homelessness in the city.

The Committee is utilizing their plan to change public perceptions of the
problem and raise awareness of the solutions that are necessary to end it.  The
Plan includes a housing first approach as one of eight essential components
needed to solve homelessness by 2010.

Another component calls for increasing access to needed mainstream resources to
ensure all low-income people receive the services that will help stabilize their
housing.  Engaging mainstream resources would also allow homeless service
providers to focus on moving people back into housing.

The Philadelphia Committee to End Homelessness’ 2010 Plan can be viewed at

Communities that have developed plans to end homelessness are invited to bring
and share their plans at the National Alliance to End Homelessness Annual
Conference next week [July 17th to 19th in Washington]

Housing Bill Passes Full Committee
The Housing Affordability for America Act of 2002, H.R. 3995, passed the
Financial Services Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday.

The bill is now ready to go the House floor either later this month or after the
August Congressional recess.

This bill includes important improvements in HUD’s homelessness programs, along
with a range of changes in other housing and community development Programs.

Among the many important provisions that affect homelessness, the bill would:

* Declare a national goal of ending homelessness in ten years;

* Permanently authorize funding of renewals for permanent housing for homeless
people through the Housing Certificate

* Fund (Section 8), greatly increasing the reliability and credibility of these
programs while freeing up funds in the homelessness programs for new projects;

* Permanently adopt the policy of requiring HUD to spend 30 percent of its
homelessness funding on permanent housing, ensuring that a modest proportion of
those resources be directed to this important component, providing incentive to
overcome local NIMBY and other barriers to permanent housing production;

* Remove the cap on capital expenses in the Supportive Housing Program;

* Provide protection for eviction from public housing of victims of domestic
violence, where the violent action was the reason for the eviction in the first

* Create a new program to provide federal funds to match state and local funds
invested in a state or local housing trust fund, with amounts to be determined
through the regular annual appropriations process (replacing the version
creating a national housing trust fund, as reported in the June 28 Alliance
Online News);

* Rename the Interagency Council on Homeless as the United States Interagency
Council on Homelessness.

For text of the bill’s amendments, see the Committee web site at

For complete text of the bill as reported by the Committee, go to
http://thomas.loc.gov  enter the bill number (H.R. 3995) where requested, and
choose the version labeled “reported in House.”  (If only one version of the
bill comes up, try again later – the reported version was not yet on the Thomas
web site at press time).

For earlier coverage of the bill, see
http://www.endhomelessness.org/pub/onlinenews/062802.htm#article1  and

Mental Health Commission Announces New Website and Next Meeting
The President’s New Freedom Commission on Mental Health announced the launch of
its new website on Monday.

In addition to providing information on the Commission and its progress in
examining the nation’s mental health system, the website aims to promote broad

Dr. Michael Hogan, who chairs the Commission, has stated that they hope to
gather as much input as possible from people with mental illness and their
family members, health care providers, government agencies, academics,
researchers and others with knowledge about mental health.

The new website can be visited at http://www.MentalHealthCommission.gov

The Commission has also announced that it will hold its second meeting on July
17-19 to formalize its work plan and hear from stakeholders and experts in the
mental health community.

For details on the public comment period, which will be included in the meeting,
see http://www.MentalHealthCommission.gov

Upcoming Events
July 17-20: National Alliance to End Homelessness Annual Conference and Training
Institutes.  Washington, DC.  For details, visit
http://www.endhomelessness.org/conf2002  or contact conference@naeh.org

August 3-8: 2002 Annual AIDS Housing Leadership Institute.  Leavenworth, WA.
Sponsored by AIDS Housing of Washington.   For details, visit
http://www.aidshousing.org  or contact rachel@aidshousing.org  / 206-322-9444
September 22-28:  National Homeless Voter Registration Week. Sponsored by  the
National Coalition for the Homeless. For details, contact Michael Stoops at
mstoops@nationalhomeless.org  or 202-737-6444
October 5-8:  National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and
Youth Conference. Los Angeles, CA. For details, visit
http://www.cde.ca.gov/cilbranch/homeless/homelesstoc.html  or contact (916)


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