[Hpn] Homeless have connections; Cleveland, Ohio; 7/8/02

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Thank you for passing this news along- I find it inspiring. I also tried to
post the link to this article on Jamilah Zand to my Digital Divide mailing list,
but it was not "approved" for some reason.




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Monday, July 8, 2002
Plain Dealer <http://www.cleveland.com/plaindealer>
[Cleveland, Ohio]
Business News section
Homeless have connections


Chris Seper
Plain Dealer Reporter

Jamilah Zand's book of poetry would never have hit the Cleveland Public 
Library's bookshelves without e-mail.

How was she supposed to send a review copy?

"I didn't have any money for stamps," Zand said.

Zand is homeless. Last year she set up an e-mail address to apply for jobs,
schedule poetry readings and promote her book "Lines I've Lived & Other Snippets
of Life," seven copies of which are scattered throughout the library's area

"A year ago, I didn't know there was such a thing as free e-mail," said a laughing
Zand, who also has a Web site and voice mail. "Back when I [had a home], I had
to pay for e-mail."

Homeless people are turning to free e-mail and voice mail services to pinch
pennies, mask their vagabond status and give employers contact information that
they say makes it easier to get a job."
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