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Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 01:11:19 -0400 (EDT)
From: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty <ocap@tao.ca>
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Subject: Squat Update - Free Meals, Squat Shifts, Endorsements, Upcoming

* Squat Update:

    - Free Community Meals
    - Current Endorsement List
    - What is Needed

* Forum on Civil Liberties and the Criminalization of Dissent
    - 7 pm, Tuesday July 16th at the 519

* Legal Fund Benefit
    - 8 pm, Tuesday July 16th at the Tranzac



1 pm
Masaryk Cowan Park

Come out and enjoy a free, delicious meal with your neighbours.
And learn about the Pope Squat, OCAP's next step in the fight for public

QUEEN AND SHERBOURNE - every Thursday (except July 25th)
6 pm
Free weekly meals at the corner of Queen and Sherbourne


List of Endorsers for ...

Thursday, July 25th - 7PM
meet at Masaryk Cowan Park
(Queen St. W. & Cowan Ave - east of Lansdowne, west of Dufferin -
in Parkdale!)

We are calling upon all poor and working people, Catholics and social
activists to open an abandoned building on Thursday July 25, 2002, during
the Pope's visit to Toronto, and create real affordable housing.
Endorsed by:

CUPE 3903
New Socialists
Youth Anarchist Resistance
Peterborough Coalition Against Poverty
Coalition Against War & Racism
APOV (Victoria, B.C.)
York University Graduate Student Association
Committee to Stop Targeted Policing
Social Justice Committee St. James Catholic Highschool (Guelph)
Student Christian Movement of Canada (SCM Canada)
Elementary Teachers of Toronto
Toronto Catholic Worker
(Zacchaeus House, Room for Hope, Magdelene House)
Guelph Action Network
Sudbury OCF
Haymarket Octet
Belleville Tenant Action Group
Anti-capitalist Community Action (ACA Ottawa)



The key component to keeping the Pope Squat safe is having concrete 24
hour support -  outside the building.

We would like a minimum of 25 people per shift.

Shifts are as follows, beginning FRIDAY JULY 26th:


Overnight shifts and double shifts are greatly appreciated.

To take on shifts, please call and leave a message at the OCAP office for


Also, please don't forget ...

1. We need endorsements of the squat action. Please send your endorsements
to OCAP by June 15th 2002. Show the city that we are united in our demand
for social housing.

2. We need squatters. If you are interested in directly participating
please contact us ASAP. Whether you can commit to a day, a weekend, a
week, or a longer term you are needed for the Pope squat to succeed.

3. We need outside supporters & observers. Please bring your banners,
flags, members, friends and family for a mass demonstration when we open
the squat.

4. We will need cooks, artists, musicians, and performers of all types for
a family-oriented festival to celebrate the opening of the building.

5. We will need both the donation of skilled and unskilled labour to
transform an empty building into a livable, safe, and enjoyable social
housing and community center. We will also require the donation or lending
of tools, lumber, hardware, furniture, food, other equipment and monetary


Taking Liberties:
Civil Liberties and the Criminalization of Dissent in Canada

Tuesday, July 16, 2002
7:00 pm - 9:30 pm
The 519 Church St. Community Centre Auditorium
519 Church St, Toronto

Join speakers John Clarke of Toronto, Jaggi Singh of Montreal, and Marion
Dewar of Ottawa for a public discussion about the increase in state
repression of lawful political dissent.


HA HA  HA laughing at Capitalism Legal Fund Benefit

Tuesday, July 16th  8pm sharp!
Tranzac 292 Brunswick Ave (west of Spadina, south of Bloor)
$10 at the door only or p.w.y.c.

Originally conceived as a legal fundraiser for activists who might be
arrested in Calgary and Ottawa while protesting the G8 meetings. The
ousting of the Gilmour Squat is a priority for the legal fund now. The
brutal treatment of the activists who reclaimed the space for housing is
despicable.  This benefit will be followed by another in September in an
ongoing commitment to raise funds for activists to carry on the struggle.

Funds will go to a non-partisan group that administers legal funds for
people arrested at actions such as those in Quebec City, Queens Park and
the Mission Press Squat and potentially the Pope Squat on July 25th.

The evening will feature cool entertainment including  "Mouse" a play by
Sonja Mills, directed by Melody Johnson featuring renown Second City
performers Janet Van de Graff, Lisa Merchant & Rebecca Northan! "Three
roommates, one mouse & a turning point in human relations. A critical
analysis of the democratic process in five minutes."

Music by Tom Smarda, who will return from Manitoulin Island especially to
perform at the benefit. Smarda's songs focus on the injustices that are
fuelled by greed. A wicked sense of irony infuses Smarda's  lyrics. Also
performing a few songs is Arlene Mantle, one of Toronto's most dedicated
supporters of labour and activist events with a strong voice fuelled by
righteous fury.

The Radical Cheerleaders will perform several riotous routines that are
always crowd favourites. Hilarious Videos that explore the absurdity and
capriciousness of Capitalism will be shown throughout the evening. Popcorn
will be available!

For more info: Henry Martinuk, Continent Productions:wobble841@hotmail.com
Tranzac: 416-923-8137

"Take a chance, while you've still got the choice." Bon Scott AC/DC 1978

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