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Morgan W. Brown norsehorse@hotmail.com
Mon, 15 Jul 2002 16:05:46 -0400

Below is a forward of an edited note from one which I had sent to a friend 
earlier today written after a disappointing time involving housing stuff on 
the personal level.

Am also including a little heated poem I just wrote, which I am sharing with 
you as well.

Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont


-------Forwarded FYI-------

Guess the Vermont State Housing Authority (VSHA) <http://www.vsha.org> meant 
it when they stated that it was just an update session in their letter to me 
concerning my recent stay on their Section eight (8) waiting list(s).

All they wanted me to do was fill out the same old forms yet again; even 
though I did it 2 or 3 months ago.

I am aware that the forms get out-of-date quickly enough; but they know from 
prior experience with me in times past that I have a hard time filling out 
those forms and it takes me time and focus to do it, it comes extremely hard 
for me to do; especially either on my own or in certain settings or, with 
people I do not know at all. :-(

In the past, the previous time around  -- when I got my last voucher from 
the VSHA, in the same sort of circumstances, the person (--snip--) just 
filled out the forms for me in my presense, asked me questions and I signed. 
Easy enough. Plus it was done in a one on one setting.

Not in a big room with other people in it doing the same thing, with the 
distraction that brings plus people in ear shot of what is only my business.

Of course now I am dealing with some newer people there.

They just want their forms filled out and expect me and others to just do it 
or else. Well, I simply or elsed.

I am not just going to keep waiting and waiting and filling out a new 
application over and over and over again.

This process is what is called "churning."

Churn baby, churn:

A lot of people, especially those most in need - including many with 
disabilities, just give up and go away (also there can be a huge problem 
with mail getting to people who have either changing or no mailing 

This way it artificially looks, on paper anyway, like the waiting lists have 
a quicker turn over than they actually do, etc, and as if the need really is 
not as bad as it truly is.

I am not saying this is intentional or a conspiracy in any way, but it ends 
up functioning as if it were, the results are the same.

People give up, go away. They get the implied message. Problem solved: "See, 
there was no problem. If they really needed it, they would have died waiting 
or done whatever was needed even though we don't tell them what that is and 
just keep them in the dark waiting forever". :-<

While VSHA is better than most HA's, they still function in much the same 
way as the rest, plus they have new people who do not get it and do not care 
for people, just their paperwork, jobs and salaries for the most part or so 
it seems.

Nuff said. :-) [smile]




the times, they have been churning,
ignited into intense blue white flames,
black and blue is what they end up turning
everything, with their constant burning,
deep inside and then the surfaces, until
nothing but darkness and its extremely hellish
pain are trapped inside, with no way out

by Morgan W. Brown
Monday, July 15, 2002
Montpelier Vermont

-------End of forward-------

Morgan <norsehorse@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

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