[Hpn] Brooklyn, NY - COPS SEEK MONSTER WHO BEAT TEEN DEAD - New York Post - July 10, 2002

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By ERIC LENKOWITZ and LARRY CELONA - New York Post - July 10, 2002

Police in Brooklyn are on the hunt for the creep who tied up a 13-year-old boy
and savagely beat him to death in an abandoned building before stuffing his body
in a closet.

Patrick Bhola's corpse was found battered to a pulp in a fourth-floor bedroom at
731 Greene Ave. in Bedford-Stuyvesant about 10 p.m. Monday, cops said.

Police believe the killer used a baseball bat, which was found stained with
blood next to Bhola's lifeless body. He had also been punched and kicked, cops

Investigators are looking to question a homeless man and woman who were living
illegally in the vacant building, sources said.

A man who recently inquired about purchasing the building said the owner, Thomas
Durant, was "trying to get the squatters out."

"They gave him a lot of trouble," he said. "They had become violent."

Police said Bhola had been going back and forth between his sister's home in
Queens and his father's East New York apartment after he and his mother were
evicted two weeks ago.

His mother, Shirley, who owed over $7,000 in back rent, moved to Virginia,
according to their former landlord, Vincent Mayers.

Cops said she was on her way back late yesterday.

But Bhola spent most of his time causing trouble near the building where he was
murdered - stealing bikes, breaking windows and mouthing off to people,
neighbors said.

Additional reporting by Philip Messing

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