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Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Wed, 10 Jul 2002 10:00:02 -0400

> At 11:42 AM 7/9/02 -0400, HOBOMATT@aol.com wrote:
> And what is wrong with looking at BOTH these problems as 
> contributing to our homeless population growth

I'll take another side of this coin from Graeme. One based as a former
worker on locked wards.

Mental illness not directly linked to a superior court sentence is only
rarely a cause of homelessness. When there are appropriate supports for
this population of people with significant functional disabilities *WHO
HAVE HOUSING* do adequately in the community.

Graeme might argue fewer supports are better than more. He could well be
right. There are probate courts to sort this out, *WHEN THERE IS

When there isn't housing haloperidol-thorazine won't fill the gap of
human degradation and suffering which quickly creates a new class of
people who weren't PTSD, but are now. Grinding up a population to create
a new era of laissez fair governance, or restraining them with unneeded
chemical restraints is in itself cruel and unusual punishment. Oh and of
all the things such chemical restraints--hospitalization isn't, it aint
cheap. It also aint cheaper than housing. 

its your money.

If you search long enough you'll find a few (damned few IMHO) people who
prefer very limited socialization. I'll take the end of the wager that
you can count the mothers with young children who fit into this 'mountain
man' role on one finger, maybe with fingers to spare. 

I think your going to find far more people who have hidden disabilities
dumped into this new catch-all slogan. People with aquired brain injury,
hard of hearing (or deaf), or developmental disabilities leap to mind
first. Substance abuse is IMO a very mixed bag and a simplistic and
moralistic way to not address basic human want. Yes, some people are just
drunks, however people tend to be more complex than this too simple
2-dimensional knee jerk responce, to self medication. Over reaction to
this kind of self medication is just more of the same failed social

For a while some white fundamentalist christians tried to describe AIDS
as divine retibution. Blaming homelessness on metal illness is just more
of the same shit in a slighter kinder wrapper.

Tom C

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