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Romney working to define his image
[Candidate for Governor uses the Homeless to improve his image]

By Stephanie Ebbert - The Boston Globe - July 6, 2002

Mitt Romney wore a bright orange baseball cap, plastic gloves, and an apron as
he scooped conservative servings of meatballs and ziti onto thick plastic trays
of the men staying at the New England Shelter for Homeless Veterans.

Having just learned that the Boston shelter can spend an average of only 39
cents per serving for meals, the GOP gubernatorial candidate was careful not to
squander spoonfuls - until the director told him he could be a bit more

''Anybody out there need a little more pasta?'' Romney called to several
veterans, who were picking up rolls and balancing juice cups within the sloped
barriers of their trays. ''You come on back!''

A multimillionaire venture capitalist, Romney can manage to appear comfortable
in the most unlikely of settings. But he is always learning how to modify his
offerings and to strike a more compassionate note.

A kinder, gentler candidate than the one who challenged US Senator Edward M.
Kennedy in 1994, Romney is popping up to work in Boston's soup kitchens and day
care centers, voicing moderate stances on contentious issues, and appealing to
the state's coveted majority of unenrolled voters.


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