[Hpn] Thousands of Nevadans with mental problems not being ser...

Graeme Bacque gbacque@colosseum.com
Tue, 09 Jul 2002 12:11:06 -0400

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At 11:42 AM 7/9/02 -0400, HOBOMATT@aol.com wrote:

>And what is wrong with looking at BOTH these problems as contributing to 
>our homeless population growth

'Mental illness' is a social construct, not a valid medical issue. Policy 
makers love to decry the 'epidemic' situation of supposed psychiatric 
disorders whenever the casualty count from their own neo-liberal policies 
starts going through the roof. It's a neat sideways methodology by which 
politicians evade responsibility for the consequences of their own actions, 
while engaging in further suppression of poor people under the guise of 
medical compassion. And lo and behold, the psychiatrists and pharmaceutical 
companies are (just incidentally, mind you) getting extremely rich off the 

If shrinks, politicians et al want to know the supposed cause of this 
'epidemic' they need look no further than the painfully obvious negative 
effect this society has on the human spirit. We dwell under the rulership 
of vampires, and we are slowly but surely being sucked dry - physically, 
mentally and spiritually. No wonder so many are hurting.

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