[Hpn] Reno, NV - Thousands of Nevadans with mental problems not being served - RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL -- June 18, 2002 -

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I see we're back to blaming homelessness on 'mental illness' as opposed to=
a lack of housing that lower-income people can actually afford to live=20
in.  It's always been far simpler (as well as advantageous for=20
policy-makers) to pin responsibility for such issues on 'personal defects'=
as opposed to societal flaws.

At 08:26 AM 7/3/02 -0500, Editor wrote:

>Thousands of Nevadans with mental problems not being served
>20,750 people may be homeless at any given time
>Associated Press -- RENO GAZETTE-JOURNAL -- June 18, 2002
>Thousands of Nevadans with mental problems aren=92t being served because of=
>in the state=92s treatment system, a new report says.
>The study by the state Division of Mental Health and Developmental=20
>Services says
>high priorities should be placed on more hospital beds for the mentally=
>psychiatric emergency services, counseling, medication and services to the
>The state hasn=92t estimated how much it would cost to make the=
>Division administrator Carlos Brandenburg said the study provides the=
>information it will use to build its upcoming biennial budget.
>The report, called the =932002 Needs Assessment,=94 was written by Laura=20
>a researcher for the division. It estimates that 5.4 percent of the state=
>population =97 about 83,000 people =97 suffer from serious mental illness.=
 Of that
>total, 25 percent (20,750 people) may be homeless at any given time, it=
>A National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors study=
>Nevada 35th in total and per-capita spending for mental health programs,
>Valentine said in the study. The state ranks 47th in per-capita spending=
>state mental hospitals, the study said.
>The division has a budget of $134.3 million this fiscal year. That=92s=
>to grow to $143.4 million on July 1, the start of a new fiscal year,=
>to legislative fiscal analysts