[Hpn] Looking for advocate to MO prisoner

Thomas Cagle nh-adapt@juno.com
Fri, 05 Jul 2002 13:01:00 -0400

Hi folks,

This note is going out rather broadly to ADAPTers who live in or near
Missouri, or are inveterate cross-posters to other lists.  I have a local
person who has kin in I suspect a county jail in MO. The jail has decided
to remove him from his doctor ordered neuroleptics. Complaining of the
expense of same.

If you have ever worked in or near locked ward psychiatric settings, this
is just about the opposite of the standard refusal. This citizen
evidently tolerates what ever he was prescribed and knows he's ill
equipped to deal with both his illness and doing time.

IMO the jails refusal meets my understanding of what is a cruel and
unusual punishment due solely to his disability. I think I need A., a
prison activist who is in MO to talk to family and the person directly
impacted. Or, B,. an ADAPTer--activist
 who is more familiar with these issues and can give the family more or
better advice.

You can contact me, but Michelle St. Laurent is the person who asked me
to try to get this started, her eddress is: StLaurent@mcttelecom.com It
is my understanding that she is willing to have this post cross-posted to
other lists.

Tom Cagle
nh-adapt @ juno.com

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