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"screwy thinking on homelessness"
("Bums Rush In," Opinion, June 26)

Letters - George McDonald - New York Post - July 2, 2002

Tony Coles is absolutely correct in his assessment of the "screwy thinking on
homelessness" ("Bums Rush In," Opinion, June 26).

That we have made so little progress in the public debate is truly shocking when
a great deal of progress has been made in the reality of how the system works to
meet the needs of the different sub-groups of the homeless population.

The fact that much remains to be done is unquestionable. That anyone can still
believe that subsidized housing alone will solve homelessness is appalling.

The entire experience of government over the past decade and a half has clearly
demonstrated that housing alone will not solve homelessness, and that all
able-bodied people benefit from working and achieving the highest level of
self-sufficiency possible.

If we once again fail to enforce work requirements for all those who can work,
we have learned nothing from welfare reform.

If we offer the benefit of subsidized housing to homeless individuals unwilling
to participate in improving their lives and the lives of their children, we will
have once again failed to empower the very people that we seek to serve.

George McDonald
Founder & President
The Doe Fund, Inc.

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