[Hpn] New Resource - Outreach to People Experiencing Homelessness: A Curriculum for Training Outreach Workers - Health Care for the Homeless - June 2002

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Outreach to People Experiencing Homelessness
A Curriculum for Training Health Care for the Homeless Outreach Workers

Ken Kraybill, MSW - June 2002
National Health Care for the Homeless Council, Inc.
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Curriculum Outline


Table of Contents

  a.. Introduction
  b.. Why the Need for an Outreach Curriculum?
  c.. Purpose and Scope of the Curriculum
  d.. How to Use this Curriculum
  e.. Thoughts and Tips for Facilitator-Trainers
  f.. Facilitating Made Easy (Self Quiz)
  g.. The Learning Environment
  h.. Plan and Approach
  i.. Your Role
  j.. General

Module I Introduction  "Understanding the Basics of Outreach"
    1.. Introduction and Overview
    2.. History and Philosophy of the Health Care for the Homeless Program
    3.. Outreach in the HCH model
    4.. The Realities and Experience of Homelessness

Module II Preparation  "Starting on Solid Footing"
    1.. Connecting Values and Vision
    2.. Self-Care for Outreach Workers
    3.. Worker Safety: Precautions and Interventions
    4.. Cultural Competence in Outreach

Module III Approach  "Building the Bond of Trust"
    1.. Observation and Making an Introduction
    2.. Engaging and Connecting
    3.. Listening with All Six Senses

Module IV Companionship  "Sharing the Journey"
    1.. Frameworks of Engagement
    2.. Assessing Client Concerns and Needs
    3.. Prevalent Health and Related Concerns in Outreach
    4.. Perspectives on Change in Outreach

Module V Partnership  "Expanding the Circle of Care"
    1.. Vision for a Healthy Community
    2.. Community Resources and Services
    3.. Effective Referral and Linking
    4.. The Outreach Worker as Advocate

Module VI Mutuality  "Coming Home"
    1.. The Meaning of Home
    2.. Three Homes
    3.. Transition and Closure



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This curriculum was supported through a grant from the Health Resources and
Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. June

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