William Mandel wmmmandel@earthlink.net
Wed, 18 Dec 2002 16:06:12 -0800

William Mandel wrote:
>       My wife, Tanya, died a year ago today. The best way I can mark her
> anniversary is to reproduce her last letter to appear in a newspaper,
> the Oakland Tribune, six months before her passing:
>       "I am an 84-year-old Jewish woman sitting here crying because I am
> physically incapable of going to the Women in Black vigil against
> Israeli mistreatment of the Palestinians.
>       "I urge any open-minded and fairminded person to look at a map and
> see that supposedly Palestinian Gaza and the West Bank are criss-crossed
> with Jewish settlements and roads connecting them. I am filled with
> shame for Israel for allowing Jews from all over the world to come live
> there and become citizens, while not allowing Palestinians to return to
> their native land. I urge everyone, particularly Jews, to write to the
> president and to Congress asking them:
>        "To participate in enforcing UN Security Council Resolution 242
> requiring Irasel to withdraw from Arab territories occupied since the
> 1967 war. This means abandonment of the settlements.
>        "And to grant Palestinians the right to return to their homes in
> the West Bank and Israel."
>                                                         Tanya Mandel
>                                                            Oakland [CA]"
>        At a memorial for her, a fellow-member of Women for Peace, Laura
> Santina, a woman a generation younger, led four members of that
> organization in reading excerpts from Tanya's oral history she had
> elicited a year or so earlier. Subsequently Ms. Santina, at a birthday
> party for her husband, asked all present to call out "Presente!" as she
> read aloud the name "Tanya Mandel." That is a tradition among Latin
> Americans, equivalent to the phrase: "His soul goes marching on," about
> John Brown, sung by Union soldiers as they marched to battle in our
> Civil War.
>        Any interested in knowing what inspired Ms. Santina to do the
> oral history and Women for Peace to do the reading, which is now
> incorporated in full in a video of that memorial edited in Denmark on
> her own time by Nancy Graham Holm, head of the TV Department of the
> School of Journalism at that country's Aarhus University, may read my
> page-long obituary article in the Berkeley Daily Planet at the following
> link http://www.berkeleydailyplanet.com
>        At that website, hit "Archive, then offer the word "Tanya" to
> find the story, and provide the date of publication, Dec. 21, 2001.
>        There are also fifty page references to "Mandel, Tanya" in the
> index to my autobiography, Saying No To Power.
>                                                                 William Mandel