[Hpn] Homeless Hypothermia Hotline Available for Washington DC Area only

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But you were correct, it is for the Greater Washington area.  It
would be wonderful if someone would set up a network for he
entire country, and under Andrew Cuomo they tried to do that at

The problem was that no one had enough of the homeless groups
accross the country linked to make it work. And only a few calls
were made to the toll free HUD help number by anyone.

Seemed to be a territorial issue for many.

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December 20, 2002

Is the hypothermia 800 hotline nationwide or just for the DC area?
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December 20, 2002

Hypothermia Hotline Now Available in DC

Nine homeless people have died in the cold on the streets
of the Nations Capital in the past two years
By Staff Writers - Washington Peace Center - December 20, 2002

Winter is here, and DC homeless shelters are full again this year.

Mayor Williams proposed to open 725 beds for single adults and 40
units for families. As of December 12, approximately 60% of those
winter shelter beds were opened.

Call MAYOR ANTHONY WILLIAMS 202-727-2980 or
email: mayor@dc.gov

Remind the Mayor: Winter is here. Please ACT NOW to help save
lives. Open public buildings in downtown DC so people who are
homeless and unsheltered have places to come in from the cold.

The HYPOTHERMIA HOTLINE 1-800-535-7252, is available to
dispatch vans to transport folks to shelter, or bring extra blankets,
coats, gloves, hats, coffee, tea, etc. to folks on the streets.

Calling this number could save a life.
Please keep it handy (and post or circulate in your office)
during the winter months.

Of course, if you see someone in medical distress, call 911
source page:  www.washingtonpeacecenter.org

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