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December 20, 2002
For Immediate Release

Two major scandals at Christmas --
Nothing to Celebrate

On January 1st, 2003, the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee will
attend the 2pm Mayor's Levy carrying cots to set up a homeless
shelter in City Hall.

Two major scandals this Christmas have similar roots:
1. The horrific conditions homeless people are facing ie crowded
shelters, diseases spreading, people outside in the cold,
homeless deaths.
2. The computer scandal which has led to the loss of millions of
dollars of public money.

Both of these scandals are rooted in the misleading of the public
by bureaucrats and senior public officials.  This is not a
situation that should be celebrated at a Mayor's Levy.

Cathy Crowe of the Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) has
recently learned from senior bureaucrats that there will be no
new 200 bed homeless shelter opened. This comes on the heals of
TDRC releasing a new secret video exposing the horrific
conditions in the shelter system. TDRC and supporters have been
calling to open a 200 bed facility immediately to alleviate some
of the suffering indicated in the video.

"Instead of responding to the request in the affirmative, they
claimed that there was no major bed shortage.  Their misleading
evidence reminds us of the role of City officials in the computer
scandal. We can hardly celebrate the beginning of the New Year
with a posh levy when the City is in such a state.  For our part,
we will be attending the Mayor's celebratory event with cots to
set up a homeless shelter to save lives in the New Year," says
Cathy Crowe.

"No civilized society can tolerate the conditions we revealed in
our latest secret video and the evidence given by homeless people
and front line workers. We will attempt to open a shelter."

For more information, contact TDRC at 416-599-8372 or

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