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Just a general "heads-up" on a virulent disease which has hit Canada pretty
much nationwide.  It's called the Norwalk Virus and it's a nasty
stomach/intestinal bug.  Symptoms include fever, nausea, uncontrollable
vomiting and explosive diarrhea.  No joke.  It's incredibly contagious --
vomitus or excretia to mouth in even microscopic amounts is enough.
(Some emperts are saying that even being in the same room with someone who's
vomited/excreted because of viral symptoms seems to be enough to cause
contagion.  Airborne?  They don't know yet.)  It's shutting down hospitals,
etc. up here.

Now for the good news... it lasts less than 24 hours after symptoms have
manifested.  Just keep clean and hydrated.  It's non-fatal (so far) but
there are official concerns about the elderly, the very young, and people
with compromised immune systems.  To that, I'd add concern about homeless
people and others who have fallen between the cracks of our medical system.

Stay healthy.

I have gone down with more ships than Captain Ahab -- and usually for
honourable reasons -- but I am getting tired of it, and I am getting
especially tired of going out on these seas with dumb bastards who punch
holes in the bottom of the boat and call it smart.
                        --Dr. Hunter S. Thompson

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