[Hpn] how it goes...

joe reynolds jos_reyn@yahoo.com
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 11:46:05 -0800 (PST)

 It goes away mainly. Anyway it is likely that at end
of two weeks will be vacating here as all the paper
work going through on sale of this place. I've had a
couple of very tentative offers (can't anyone in this
part of California just come out and do something?
without "meetings" and "running it by" uninvolved
parties!) that may help. HAve also had a few offers
not locally which I appreciate but will look for
closer to here for moment - hoping to change the
situation with my own daughter. 
  yes, I do have a habit of rubbing salt into my open
wounds; how'd you know?
  Anyway I would just like to thank everyone for the
words of encouragement I have gotten off-list. I
should have grabbed all the e-mail addies so I could
send a thank you card to all from Yahoo greetings but
I hope this will cover at least partially. HPN is one
of the things that gets me through all this. Thank you
everyone is so inadequate but Thank You Everyone
  After doing this I'm going to www.sexylosers.com to
read the comics and laugh. The SUICIDE GIRL series is
my fav which may just tell you what a silly puppy I
   Zen hugs, Joe R (who still hasn't gotten the ##@&!!
guestbook to work on his site!)

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