[Hpn] Kentucky Police Shoot, Kill Handcuffed Suspect

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Fri, 6 Dec 2002 20:51:24 -0500

Suspect Officer Fired Gun 12 Times
December 6, 2002
LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- A man who was shot and killed Thursday by police in
Louisville, Ky., was handcuffed before an officer fired his gun 12 times,
Louisville television station WLKY reported.
James Edward Taylor, 50, was fatally shot at about 6 p.m. Thursday in his
home, WLKY reported.
Louisville Police Chief Greg Smith said Friday morning that he expects a
public outcry after he announced the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

"The significant part of this, which I need to say, is that the person who
was shot and later pronounced dead was handcuffed," Smith said.
A police spokeswoman said that officers Brian Luckett and Michael O'Neill
were investigating another incident when they heard screams coming from
Taylor's home nearby, WLKY reported.
"They heard the scream from outside and went in to check," Louisville police
spokeswoman Alicia Smiley said Thursday night.
Smith said that Taylor, while his hands were in handcuffs behind his back,
was able to reach into his back pocket for a knife. And after being
handcuffed, Taylor brandished the knife, which had a 3-inch blade on it, and
threatened the officers with it, WLKY reported.
"(Taylor) came from the side with a knife with a 3-inch blade, and he was
slashing from his hip," Smith said. "An officer attempted to get away, but
Mr. Taylor pursued him and continually slashed at him. (The officers) warned
him to put the knife down, but he did not. He continued to pursue them. The
officer fired one time, and struck him, but Mr. Taylor still did not quit."
WLKY reported that the encounter took place in Taylor's small, one-bedroom
apartment, where the victim and the officers all seemed to be within just a
few feet of each other.
"(Taylor) continued to pursue the officer all the way into the corner of the
room, where the officer warned him for the last time to drop the knife,"
Smith said. "He didn't drop the knife. At that point, the officer shot him."
Luckett and O'Neill, who work in LPD's 5th District, have been placed on
administrative leave pending the investigation, WLKY reported.
Taylor's relatives reportedly are outraged at the incident. WLKY NewsChannel
32 also reported that Smith said several witnesses supported the officers'
accounts of the incident.
Neither officer was hurt in the incident. Both have been placed on
administrative leave while the investigation continues.
Residents in the neighborhood, who were stunned by a double-fatal shooting
at a nearby convenience store last month, are now dealing with another
high-profile incident, WLKY reported.
"It's a pretty good neighborhood overall," neighbor Michael Whitehead said.
"It's just that some people are bad, and they get caught doing bad things."

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