[Hpn] chance martin's holiday challenge

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Wed, 4 Dec 2002 02:51:09 -0800

Hey Chance!

Happy Birthday!

Love those tunes*g*


>Hello Beautiful People,
>I turned 48 years old yesterday, and my sweetie is in Seattle at the
>national Harm Reduction conference. Needless to say, it was a rather
>lackluster event (my b-day, not the conference), so I thought that I might

>try something *fun* to shake off these dusty and useless feelings of age.
>Today, there were a couple of amusing emails circulating out here on the
>west coast with alternate lyrics to traditional holiday carols.
>So here's chance martin's holiday challenge: the carols from today's
>messages are here, as well as the perpetrators.  Make up some of your own!

>Add them to this thread! If nothing else, we might gather a good list of fun

>songs to sing at holiday protests...
>To the tune of Over the River and through the Woods
>Over the river and through the woods
>Away from the cops we run.
>The police know the camps
>They'll be targeting next
>And We've run out of places to go-o.
>Over the river and through the woods
>We stay out of sight, you know.
>The rangers will ticket us, then take our stuff
>And the cops? Off to jail we go-o.
>Over the river and through the woods
>City Council's hats I spy.
>They're pointed and black
>And they'll give us no slack
>'Cause developers bought them a pie.
>Over the river and through the woods
>We are residents just like you..
>We're down on our luck
>And we don't got a buck
>But we have hopes and dreams do come true.
>*   *   *   *   *
>To the tune of Jingle Bells
>Dashing through the woods
>To escape from being caught.
>How funny, if you have no home
>That sleep's against the law.
>Rental prices soar.
>Shelter beds are rare.
>Still, if you're caught asleep outside
>You're bound to go to jail.
>Salvation Army bells, donations swell
>I still don't have a home.
>Oh what peace, It'd be to sleep
>In a jail free camping zone.
>[No ill towards Salvation Army intended.  It just
>seemed to fit well and that in spite of all the
>efforts towards helping people experiencing
>homelessness, some are still forced to sleep outside
>Plagarized by Paula Lomazzi of the Sacramento Homeless Organizing Coalition

>To which Becky Johnson of Homeless United for Friendship and Freedom (HUFF)

>in Santa Cruz added:
>Thanks Paula!  I thought I'd add one we sing every year, but update yearly

>with the new mayor's name.
>--- Becky Johnson
>To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
>God rest ye merry gentlemen
>but not in Santa Cruz
>Mayor Reilly has a sleeping ban
>She'll cite you if you snooze
>And if you're warm beneath your quilt
>Your blankets you shall lose
>Bad Tidings, not comfort or joy
>--- comfort or joy
>Bad Tidings, not comfort or joy
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